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TPLF calls Memember of Parliaments as Terrorists

To International Parliamentarian Union

The story of persecution that forced us to flee our country of origin; we are victims of dictator and terror government.

We members of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian (FDRE) listed hereunder want to presents our ultimate outrage and disappointment with the persecutions we sustained by the ruling party of Ethiopia and by the continued silence to this regime by the international community and the International Parliamentarian Union

Hoping the situations will change through time and counting on the pressure of the international community where necessary for the rule of law and democratic principles, we joined the Ethiopian Parliament after securing the largest ever counted vote in our constituency. But the reality we faced was completely different and our entire peaceful struggle was disregarded as nothing. What is more disappointing is not only the International Community irresponsible act in keeping silence to this dictatorial regime and outrage against the constitution of the country but also its continued financial and material support , which the TPLF led EPRDF government is using to silence any criticism to its wild and harsh rule .

Accordingly we were unable to safeguard our own security to life let alone to speak for the people we were elected to represent .We MPE faced all types of torches , imprisonment , confiscations of property and so much more due to our commitment to the rule of law in the country .As we were not allowed to speak in the parliament , except sitting and listening to the ruling party agenda and observing the so called majority vote approval of the laws we tried to demonstrated out biggest pain by tying our mouth with cloth before the delegates of EU parliament , which did nothing but enhanced our persecution . In due time many were imprisoned with out due process of the law , some left the country , some were killed in a cold blood and faced all unbelievable persecution in their life including their families and friends .

Those includes

1. MP. Dr. Getachew Jigi; Manasibu constituency the federal Parliament  

2. MP Mr.  Abiyot Kebede ; Warajarso Constituencies The Federal Parliament

3.  MP. Mr. Teshome Bedasa; Bako Tibe Constituency The Federal Parliament 

4. MP. Mr Akasa Kisy ; Abay Coman Constituency  The Federal parliament

5.  MP.Mr Chala Bekele ;  Noonoo constituency  The Federal Parliament

6.  MP.Mr Siraji Husen ;  Adaba Constituency  The Federal Parliament

7.  MP.Mr Tafara Lagasa ; Sabata Constituencies  The Federal Parliament

8.  MP. Mr Girma Chala; Meta Rob Constituency The Federal Parliament

9. MP .Mr Tesfaye Adanee  Arsi Nagale constituency The federal parliament ; killed by the Ethiopian government

10. RMP.Ms Sara Mamo ; Dabi Dolo Oromia Regional Parliament women with two children in Asmara Eritrea

12.  RMP.Mr Gezehny Bekel ; Abay Coman Oromia Regional Parliament

13.   RMP. Habtamu Badhasa, Prisoner and other five, whose details we have not yet have at hand.

We and other our friends MP in Ethiopia we are stand for democracy, respect of law, development and against any form of terror against innocent peoples in our country and wherever on the world by sacrificing our life, family and constituency

In Our country, the right of the citizen has been spelled in the constitutions but had never been protected, this led to the denial of the right of individual citizen, arbitrary arrest, killing, abduction and other forms of human Right violation grossly went on by the Ethiopian Government, yes the right of human being or individual citizen if not protected means there is a way to abuse that is what happening in Ethiopia. As a Member of Parliaments we are opposing:- 

  1. Ethnically cleaning and genocide against the Oromo nations
  2. TPLF government continued killing of Oromo nations mainly university students;
  3. Limitless corruption in Ethiopia
  4. Unfair budget allocation for national states; for comparison the government subsidy for one Person is 500 birr/year/person for Tigray region while it is 70 birr/year/person in Oromia region.
  5. Dictatorial system and minority group manipulation of all its form 
  6. We demand that the Ethiopia government took all responsibility for the lose 120,000 life on  Ethiopia-Eritrea war
  7. The TPLF government terrorist action against its own peoples and the unlawful invasion of the peoples of neighbouring Somalia;

As we tried to state above we are amongst the legally elected member of the Federal parliament of the 2005 Ethiopia Election, but fled our country because of the imminent and real treat to our life and security by the Ethiopia security forces.

According to the constitution of Ethiopia the member of the parliament shall not be arrested or prosecuted unless his or her immunity is revoked by the legislature however;

Almost all these MPs are tortured, beaten, confiscate our property, lost our nationality and our family, and children’s are dispersed.

 The daily news we are receiving are so disturbing; the existing Ethiopia regime is advancing its atrocious political exercise from bad to worst. It has become common news for a  students got killed empty handed just in their school, women are brutally treated and raped by the government security force, prisoners are killed while serving undue term of imprisonment and receive unbearable torture and those who die in the course of beating are thrown into bushes to be consumed by hyena .

Today in Ethiopia, there is neither democracy nor rule of law.  Human rights violations have reached unprecedented level. Even though all peoples in Ethiopia are subjected to harassment, repression, intimidation, and inhuman treatment, it won’t be exaggeration if we say the Oromo people is suffering the most under the EPRDF regime.

The Oromo are a native African nation in Ethiopia and to a smaller extent in Kenya. They are the largest single nationality Ethiopia, at 32.1% of the population according to the 1994 census, and today numbering around 40 million. The Oromo are one of the Cushitic speaking people living in Eastern and North Eastern Africa. Cushitic speakers have occupied parts of north-eastern and eastern Africa for as long as recorded history.

Oromo people are found mainly in Ethiopia (99%), but are spread from as far as:

• Northern Ethiopia (southern Tigray Region)
• Kenya (mainly northern) 
• Even as far south as Lamu Island

The Oromo characterize one of largest of the Cushitic groups occupying the Horn of Africa. Their physical features, culture, language and other confirm clearly the fact that they are native to this part of Africa.

But they were made alien on their own land , The human rights watch report on its recent edition puts it as “Oromia, Ethiopia’s most populous region, has long suffered from heavy-handed government repression” To substantiate this generalization we will present few examples.

Ø      Except OFDM office in Addis Ababa all offices in the regions are closed, documents and properties confiscated.

Ø      Innocent Oromo individuals are being killed in cold blood and denied the honor to get normal burial are left in the forest for hyenas and wild beasts to feast on them. This is what happened in Ciro town in Western Hararge two months ago. 

Ø      Oromo students who are studying at Meqale University are killed by Wayyane Security.

Ø      Oromo students who staged peace protest against the injustice being committed against their people were beaten severely, shot at and in School compound; and are dismissed from school for no crime committed.

Ø       There are more than 40, 000 Oromo political prisoners in Oromia.

Ø      Oromo’s who follow their traditional Waaqeffanna religion are being harassed, imprisoned and their religion banned.

Ø      Oromo intellectuals are detained, tortured and humiliated. There is anti Oromo intellectual campaign going on to keep away Oromo from higher learning.

Ø      Oromo university students are denied their graduation certificate after successfully completing their courses.

Ø      Oromo prisoners at Qallitii prison were shot at and killed for no crime committed. Alemayehu Garbaa one of those killed was a crippled individual that uses wheelchair.

Ø       Last year from May 17, 2008 to May 19, 2008 between Oromo and Gumuz neighboring peoples that the TPLF regime maliciously turned against each other causing days of violence that claimed the lives of more than 400 Oromo people, mainly children and  women’s discriminately massacred.  

Ø      More than half a million Oromo’s were forced to flee their land , out of which 103,000  are found in Horn of Africa with out due regards to their right as a refugee , and facing cross boarder attack by the Ethiopian government securities .

These are few examples of the human rights violation being committed against Oromo people.                                           

Today, in Ethiopia, there is no democracy, rule of law, respect for human and civil rights. The judiciary system is totally under the control of EPRDF. There are no justice and independent court proceedings. All EPRDF cadres and officials are above the law, the law according to their wishes and interest. The EPRDF is purposely instigating inter ethnic conflict to divide and rule. Conflicts between Borana and Geda’o, Borana and Guji, Borana and Gabra, Arsii and Sidama, etc were all incited by EPRDF officers in the area. Recently, in Jimma and Ilu Abba Bor Christians and Muslims, who lived peacefully together for many years clashed in which several lives were lost, houses burned down and immense property destroyed. This inter religion strife was planned and instigated by EPRDF agents and cadres. The EPRDF armed forces opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in Sidama, massacred innocent citizens in Gambella, Shaka-mezengir, Bale, Sigimo and Gattira. This is the track record of the human rights violation of EPRDF regime. Fear and terror is reigning in the country.   

 It has been long ago since TPLF cadres begun formally boast that they have paid military cost to power and any one who tries to come to terms with them shall have the same strength. After the 2005 election this attitude has become clearer and now it is pushed a head, shamefully by the support of democratic nations particularly by the governments of USA and UK

 In these entire crisis the assistance taken from Democratic nations in the name of fighting terrorism, poverty alleviation and many fashions of some nature were persistently used to victimize the citizens who actually must have been the beneficiaries of all those debts assistances.

 Now therefore we the member of the parliament on behalf of our people and in the name of justice and democracy ask the international community to stop assisting the promotion of the violation of human Right that is currently taking place in Ethiopia. 

Hence all peace loving organizations, governments and individuals should act timely in coordination to save this country from the looming crisis and danger. The way out is to respect the democratic and human rights of the citizens, to resolve conflicts through dialogue and compromise.

Knowing intransigency and one party dictatorship will eventually lead the country to undesired consequences.

Accordingly we hereby ask the International Parliamentarian Union and all the concerned body to lend a hand in our struggle for justice and the rule of law in Ethiopia.

Kind regards

Dr.Getachew Jigi (MP, Ethiopian Parliament)

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

For Reference:-

  4. OromiaTimes: Press Release by Dr Getachew Jigi (MP)

Anti-Terror Taskforce Calls OPC, OFDM To Evict Terrorists From Their PartiesNovmber 22, 2008 (Addis Ababa) - The Joint Anti-terror Taskforce of the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Federal Police called up on the Oromo People Congress (OPC) and the Oromia Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) to evict those members of their parties who are engaged in dismantling the national constitution.

In a press statement it sent to ENA on Saturday, the Taskforce said the OPC and OFDM have the constitutional obligation to evict those members who are engaged in terrorist activities as they have promised to the public to safeguard the constitution.
It further said some of the members of the two parties have been engaged in subversive activities by promoting the cause of the terrorist group operating under the name of OLF.
The statement said some members of the two parties were caught while organizing terrorist group and were brought before the court of justice.
It went on to say that some of the members of the stated parties were also seen to join the Shabia political quarter by escaping from the law.
Teshome Bedassa Chelchiso, Ababu Abdo Furi, Siraj Hussien Sewo, Ekassa Kessi Gari and Girma Chala, who had parliamentary seats representing OPC, joined OLF later, the statement pointed out.
Those members of the OFDM, who had parliamentary seats previously, and who joined now the OLF include, Dr. Getahcew Jigi, Abiot Kebede, Sara Mamo and Getachew Amenti.
It further said those members of the OFDM, who were found to have been engaged in terrorist activities by the court of justice, are Gudeta Shube, Ashenafi Adugna, Ethiopia Temesgen Ayansa.
Though OPC and OFDM have the constitutional obligation to bring to justice such kind of terrorists, they are obstructing the very activities to sue these people.
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