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Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC)


Baga Nagaan Dhuftan!Welcome to Oromo parliamentarians council!










Objectives of Oromo parliamentarian  council
For the past 16 years, the woyane government not only usurped the Oromo people’s right but also paralyzed the representative not to speak for their people. While the woyane is shading the Oromo’s with blood ,we were not able to save the lives of our people accordingly our decision not to collect the salary which is mixed the blood of our people and rejecting the fake institution of woyane to struggle in the other way is acceptable in the eye of Oromo’s.
The parliamentarians of the second and third round for they were not only able to stand for the right of the people, but also they were unable to stand for their right, were forced to leave their country. These Oromo parliamentarians for sitting idle can’t bring change; come together to form Oromo national government parliament in Diaspora.
After consulting the Oromo political organizations, we were determined to expose the problems Oromo’s are facing to the world community, UN, World parliament, European parliament, the African parliament, African Union, US congress, human right organisations and all concerned bodies.
Even if it is known that the complete Usurpation of Oromo people’s right forced us to form this council, it is important to list the key points of the killing, imprisonment, torturing, unlawful punishment, dismissal from educational and job and imposed exile. For  
  1. Our objective to speak for the Oromo people in the regional and federal parliament failed.
  2.  We were bared from approaching and knowing the problem of the people, let alone solving it.
  3. In our firm believe in democracy and human right, even if we got seats, we faced imprisonment, killing and touchier losing all rights of a parliamentarian ought to have.
  4. From the existing pressure and shadow of death, we managed to escape the inhuman treatment to use any opportunity for the struggle of Oromo people.
  5. Even if we are in exile, we noted that we have to work for the people who elected us.
  6. For exposing the atrocities of TPLF government, on the people and parliamentarian of Oromo’s are our duties
We undersigned have formed the council of Oromo Parliamentarians in Diaspora.
Basic objectives
  1. Forming the Oromo parliament in Diaspora to keep the promise we have made to the Oromo people.
  2. To make the on going struggle fruitful, the Oromo people and its political organizations out of dividing themselves on region, religion and opinion, insuring the discussions going harmoniously, representing the people and working on constitution of Oromiya National Government, development and socio economic policies
  3. Providing researches on Oromo cultural, language and Oromumma Identity etc.  
  4. So that the Oromo political organizations put the peoples need at priority and so that they work in brotherhood ness and deciding by unity on issues of Oromo, arranging regular discussion forums with leaders or representatives of parties in the presence of Oromo elders and scholars.
  5. Working with human rights organisation to exposed human rights violation in Ethiopia particularly in Oromia
  6. Discussing with communities, scholars, skilled and elders of Oromo’s in Diaspora so as to help working in unity towards the Oromo liberation struggle.
  7. Crying to the world community until all politically motivated Oromo political prisoners is free.
  8. Briefing the Oromo people situation from where we are to the international communities and governments until it get solution
  9. Supporting any Oromo asylums seekers on all over the world
  10. Speaking to the concerned bodies for the Oromo refugees in the horn of Africa and through out the world so that their right may be respected, get pertinent recognition and attention.
  11. Briefing on the realities of our country to the UN, World parliament, European parliament, the African parliament, African Union, US congress and all bodies who can help.
  12. Struggling in all possible ways so as to secure the Oromo people’s right respected.
  13. Consulting encouraging and helping our members who are still serving inhuman treatment of the TPLF government in Ethiopia.
  14. Holding class for Oromo language for all Oromo’s
  15. Helping and advising the federal and regional Oromo parliamentarians
  16. Contacting and consulting Oromo political organizations in and out of Oromiya so as to help the united and consensual struggle is conducted
  17. Contacting Oromo’s working in federal and regional government to encourage so that they work for their people.
  18. Having smooth relationships with other nations and nationality organizations; like SNNP, Gambella, Sidama, Benishangul, Afar, Somali and others so that their struggle against the dictatorship of Woyane is united.
  19. Exposing the evil idea of Woyane in and out of the parliament to put the people in the midst of bloodshed, by awakening the people
  20. Helping our people in different sects to organise to fight for liberation.
  21. Working with Oromo organisation in and out of Oromiya in close harmony on the issue of Oromo.
  22. Fighting for respect of human and democratic right.
  23. Promoting integration to the wider society, advice and many more services
  24. Working on developing the coming government structure, laws and constitution
  25. Doing all the necessary steps with the laws for the future fair and free election


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