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We Request for Your Support on Behalf of Civilians Being Attacked.

With the command and support of Tigryan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the Beneshangul Gumuz Zone government through armed forces and the residents is waging war against Oromos in Manasibu District and is committing heinous crimes.

The following are few of the heinous crimes already committed against Oromos in the area. 

·         Including Tamasgen Bula who was a father of six in Jarso district, 20 Oromos have been killed. Gumuz armed forces brutally slaughtered a pregnant mother called Mrs. Abarash Gamachu and removed her fetus.  Lists of those who were killed are as follows: Wana Tariku, Yohanis Fiqadu, Faqade Tarfa, Hayilu Gmachu, Yosef Soboqa, and Dirba Barkessa from Warqe Laga Abetu were killed at an area called Qararo Guta. Gergis Galata (originally from Nedjo area), Hayilu, Faqada, and Yohanis Abdata were killed at a place called  Gombo Xayiba area.

Dabala Indalu, and Ganba Qano were killed at Cafcafi Danboora area.

Abdisa Olani was slaughtered in Haro Gombi area.  

·         Mr. Daraje Fida from Qararo Guta area and Waqgari Tarfa from Gunfi area were attacked and wounded.

·         Mrs. Ilfitu Hambisa was brutally rapped by 15 men and suffered severe physical and psychological trauma.

·         The following is lists of ten households whose houses were looted and burnt down: Qajela Yadasa, Isira'el Mulatu, Dhufera Waqgari, Malkamu Mirate, Fayasa Hayile ,  Ababe Olana, Bekama Cala, Abate Calaa ,Olana Gurmesa, and Abdisa Gurmessa.

·         About 41 people consipired against Asafa Birasa, head of Dangi Administrative area, allegdly for demarcating border. They demanded reversal of the demarcation at Mandi and when it was denied, they petitioned to Ghimbi, which ordered urgent correction. He  then was detained for one week accused of instigating uprising and was finally released on bail.

·         Two Gumuz policemen raped two Oromo girls and while they were discussing to kill the girls in an attempt to hide the crimes during a night, the girls killed the policemen and escaped on motorbike parked outside and showed up in Mandi town.

·         The following is the list of detained people: Bula Qixata, Olana Cherineti, Yaiko Isyaki. Hundreds are being imprisoned from Qilxu Kara area but we have not yet received their lists.

List of Detained in Kiltu Kara District Including 15 Year child Gutee Balay, Ebba, Falmaata fiqadu , Qannoo imiruu, Dagim Makoo,  Dawwiti , Daagim , Gaammachis, Taariiku, Amaanti, Rooba and Other more than 70 peoples are suffering in prison.

The above lists are reported by eye witnesses, and the the following is lists of what TLF is plannning to commit against Oromia and Oromos.

·         To prevent the Oromo people from struggling against Tigrayan hegemony, TPLF is instigating neighboring nations to attack Oromos so that Oromo would divert its attention to the neighboring nations and stop its struggle. TPLF plans to appear peacemaker.

·           TPLF is preaching to the neighboring nations, that now is their chance to occupy Oromo land, and it is arming and encouraging them.

·          When TPLF made peace with an ONLF faction it promised to give them green Eastern Oromo lands up to Adama and now it is implementing it.

·         TPLF is planning to decimate the Oromo and make the minorities gain upper hand on Oromos by giving Oromo lands to neighboring minorities and forcing Oromo citizens to exile.

·         TPLF has lost trust on Oromos; even OPDOs are resisting it, so TPLF is dismantling OPDOs. 

·         In this TPLF manifesto, Oromos have to be broken and silenced under minorities and its pressure.

·         By settling or dispersing the Amharas, being evicted from other various locations, in Oromia, TPLF is planning continuous confrontation between Oromo and Amhara and is trying to appear peacemaker itself and is poised to exploit the Oromo become indefinitely wealthy while regressing the Oromo.

·            The TPLF has declared an all out war against the Oromo. It is dismantling OPDOs and kidnapping its members. It is planning to give the whole Hararge to Somali, Manasibu to Beneshangul Gumuz, Borana to Somali, Guji to SNNPR, Karayu to Afar, and Sandafa to Amhara and create war between Oromo and its neighboring nations and to live in peace itself. We will present the whole report next time.

As the result, Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC) is making preparations to support the demoralized and oppressed Oromo Nation. Manasibu Oromo youth and members of OPC have pledged to defend their own citizens from further attacks and harassment. They have demanded Oromia State government and federal government to arraign those who have committed crimes against innocent Oromo civilians and if they fail to do so, the Manasibu Oromo youth and members of OPC have pledged to capture the criminals and handover them to the Oromo people to pass its verdict.

The Oromo youth have to know TPLF has declared an all out war against you; be ready to fight your enemy and we are ready to fight with you. We call upon previous Oromo Dergi militias and OLF militias to find, organize and lead us. From now on wards, to defend our self against the imminent danger, we will organize and make our own people as our jungle since there is no more a safe place in the real jungle, and we are ready to fight our enemy. Oromos who have heard about the heinous crimes being committed on the Oromos were shocked and moved very much, and have started making their financial and other contributions through OPC from Norway, USA, UK, Belgium, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan. The Oromo youth from Norway is becoming an exemplery in this role.

It is great shame to sit and watch while pregnant Oromo women are being slaughtered and fetuses are removed and killed.    


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