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 We are call all Oromo’s and international organization to save Oromo refugees in Hargeisa 

According to human right organization reports from the Hareisa .Thursday 30th armed police shot and attacked refugees at the social welfare centre in Hargeisa and asylum-seekers encamped opposite. We learned today from several refugees that Somaliland Police along with local Somaliland residents attacked refugees and asylum seekers outside of the Social Welfare Center. Refugees report that the Somaliland Police shot and killed one person and along with locals have beaten others with axes, stones and sticks. At least 59 were detained including recognized refugees and asylum seekers (men, women and children) at immigration prisons. A contact mentioned the following locations:

At least one man Jafar Jemal (Ahmed) was shot. One report was that he was shot in the chest. Two or three said he was critically ill in hospital. One said his family were denied access to visit. 59 were arrested, inc 2 women and many with injuries after being beaten with truncheons/staves. They were/are held in Hargeisa central prison and other places inc a military camp. Current whereabouts not known.

August 31 'nearly 100' mostly women were rounded up outside the SWC and taken in several vehicles to Wachale on the border. According to one report, UNHCR and ICRC are trying to prevent their deportation to Ethiopia, but may only be attempting to prevent deportation of registered refugees, not asylum-seekers.

About 35 young children were lost when this morning's arrests occurred. 15 have been found but 20 are still unaccounted for.

Hostility from local population is high - reports of robberies, beatings and rape have been sent. We’ve spoken to a young man who, with his father, was beaten by locals and robbed.

A contact mentioned the following locations: 

·   Koot Buur,

·   New Hargeessaa

·   Saldhiga Dhahee

·   Koot Buur Wkf

Afterwards, an unspecified numbers of men, women and children were deported/ refouled to Ethiopia by way of Wachale. Another contact reported that some children of asylum seekers were separated from their parents.

There are also reports that the local authorities are blocking access to Social Welfare Center preventing anyone from entering or leaving. When the contact asked why, he was told that they were going to let the refugees die at the SWC.

Many fear that these attacks and refoulment will continue unless UNHCR and international community can pressure the authorities in Somaliland.

 Is the PRM aware of the current crisis? How about Human Rights Watch? Can anything be done to help those that remain or follow conditions of those refouled to Ethiopia? Ethiopian authorities are likely to torture some refugees and asylum seekers. If you have not seen reports on Djibouti and Somaliland by Oromo Support Group, please read the sections particularly on individual accounts of abuses in Ethiopia.


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