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1.      Vote for the real change Dr. Guyo Waqao Jaldesa The man of the People

2.       Better leadership improved health care, Education, Security, infrastructure.

3.      Dr. Guyo is the best candidate for Moyale: He has what it takes to make Moyale grow from its current state.


Dr. Guyo was born and brought up in Sololo. He went to Sololo primary school, Garbatula High School and University of Nairobi (School of Medicine).

He holds a Master in Medicine - Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the University of Nairobi.

He further holds Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom.

He was a Senior Lecturer at University of NairobiSchool of Medicine.

He is a Consultant Obstetrician-Gynaecologist at all the major Hospitals in Nairobi.

He has lectured and presented many papers at international conferences and published papers in peer reviewed scientific journals.

My values

I believe in Innovative leadership built on integrity, transparency, professionalism, respect for cultural diversity, ethical standards and development that is free of antagonism.

This will be achieved by addressing the needs of the constituents namely:

Peace and security



Robust economy built on the social-economic pillars in line with vision2030

These objectives shall be realized by developing institutional linkages with public and private sector. We will seek support from both national and international partners and create the synergy to move forward.


I shall initiate new approach in harnessing our livestock production by processing and packaging the products to add value before they reach the market.



 I shall ensure efficiency in our healthcare systems by providing the best facilities and more staffs so as to reduce health inequalities and improve, especially in lowering infant and maternal mortality.

Education and training

I solemnly promise to provide quality education in our schools so as to produce more Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers among our future leaders.  

Thank you and May God bless you all


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