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Star teachings and Oromo cultural event with African spiritual elder Abba Liban Debassa Guyo

Sunday, September 9, 2012 – 5 pm to ~ 7 pm
Location: Oromo Community Center
465 Mackubin St
St Paul, MN 55103

We welcome Debassa back to Minnesota!

Debassa is a keeper of the oral histories of the Oromo/Borana people of East Africa. Originally from Ethiopia, he established a school in Kenya to preserve Oromo wisdom and tradition. He continues this work in North America and around the world and with the Oromo communities. As a highly respected seer and mystic among his own people, and as the inheritor of a family lineage, he preserves the East African Oromo’s knowledge of the original star teachings. He is frequently sought out for ceremony and counsel, both at home and abroad.

The Oromo, an indigenous group from southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya, have a profoundly mystical tradition that continues to this day, with deep insights into the hidden workings of the universe. The people live close to nature and have a sophisticated calendar and numerology system, as well as a remarkable tradition of prophecy and star knowledge. There are many cultural parallels between the Oromo, the ancient Kushitic civilization, and ancient Egypt, along with links to other ancient cultures, a fact that speaks to a common global system of ancient knowledge that remains alive today.

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