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UNHCR Head of Protection Delivery Unit


1st of March 2011

An appeal to save Oromo Refugees in Libya 

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing in support of the all innocent Oromo Refugees who are crying for help for so long and sprcially at this critical time of total unrest in the country. They scared and frightened, and all are begging to the international community to save their life in Libya or to be able to be transfered in safe countries. We received very terrifying news of an Oromo refugee killed by security forces in Benghazi. Refugee who escaped the terrible Ethiopian oppressive regime is facing heavy and sudden persecution in Libya, mainly due misunderstanding the refugee issues with the news of unconfirmed news of black mercenaries hired by the Ghadafi regime. According to our sources the where about of many Oromos were unknown. Approximately, there are about 300 -600 Oromo refugees residing in Tripoli. They are in a grave danger of being killed, as they have no escape rout. According to the information, they have no guaranty of living in that country as they are both hunted by both sides, without any involvement.

While we appeal to all concerned actors and Organizations to help these victims in any way deemed necessary, we expect the UNHCR to lend hand to these helpless group of people in Libya. This really needs special attention, as it is already witnessed by death of some and may continue in unprecedented loss of life.  

Oromos are targeted by Ethiopian government security agents just because of thier identity nad legitmate demand of freedom. The Oromo refugees conditions in Africa are under continued coverage of Amnesty International, Human Right Wacht, Oromo Parliamentarians Council, Oromia Support Group and Oromian Human Rights and Justice Council reports.

Oromo Parliamentarians Council expects a swift and humanely acts of saving the innocent of Oromo refugees from this unprecedented nightmare. Accordingly We respectfully request that innocent Oromo’s refugees  be considered for resettlement to a third country to save their life.


Yours sincerely,

Getachew Jigi Demekssa (PH.D)

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

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