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The Oromo University Students Are Under Attack by TPLF Regime

Statement of the Oromo Liberation Front

According to credible reports reaching us from Finfinee (Addis Ababa), starting on May 1, 2010, and

continuing, the Oromo students of the Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) University are under physical assault and

harassment by the brutal TPLF regime’s Agazi (Special Force) soldiers and security forces. The assault

on the Oromo University students was provoked and started by the TPLF security agents enrolled into the

University as students. When the Oromo students were heroically defending themselves from the attack

of the TPLF agents, the TPLF Agazi soldiers and security forces entered the University campus as a

reinforcement force. After they entered the University campus, the Agazi soldiers and the security forces

singled out and brutally and inhumanely attacked the Oromo students. Due to the assault, tens of Oromo

students have been injured; some have suffered life threatening injuries. Hundreds of Oromo students

were kidnapped and taken away by the security forces and their where about is not known. It is believed

that the kidnapped Oromo students are held in secret detention centers and are being subjected to torture,

inhuman and degrading treatments by the brutal TPLF soldiers and security forces. It is also reported that

hundreds of Oromo students who escaped the kidnapping have sought refuge in mosques and churches.

Preliminary Report among those imprisoned are the following:

Name Depatment Year

1 Sanyii Nagaash Political science 3rd

2 Amanu’el Teklu Languag 4th

3 Efrem Fikad u Afan Oromo 4th

4 Tomas Amante Psychology 4th

5 Ayeris Dhalasaa Afan Oromoo 4th

6 Adunya Kaba History 4th

7 Tamiru Adunya Afan Oromoo 4th

8 Tamire Bogale History 4th

9 Gololchaa Baldi Psychology 4th

10 Dabalu Geography 3rd (Where about unknown)

11 Kadir Faraja Afan Oromo 4th

12 Gudina Fixumaa Psychology 4th

The following were wounded and hospitalized and taken out of hospital and thrown into Prison

13 Ibsa Yonas Archeology 2nd

14 Amanuel Teklu Language 2nd

15 Gurmessa Oromoo Language 4th

16 Ifa Tasfaye Oromoo Language 2nd (bullet wounded on the neck)

17 Damasa

18 Cherinat

19 Tafarii

20 Fedhasaa

21 Robina

22 Bekuma Berhane Oromo Language 2nd

23 Taka History 4th

24 Balisaa

Girl Students

25 Marge Guta Oromo Language 2nd

26 Walali Wagga Oromoo Language 2nd

27 Yeshareg Sisay

28 Tinur Waqtola Oromo Language 2nd

29 Shukare Raggasa Language 2nd

30 Rahel Hirana Oromo Language 2nd

31 Tigist Ibsaa Oromo Language 2nd

32 Shitaye Tasfa Language 2nd

33 Hawwii Oromoo Language 3rd (lost teeth)

According to the reports, the assault of the TPLF security forces on the Oromo university

students and the self-defence and solidarity actions of the Oromo students is spreading to

several other institutions of higher education in the country. It is a public secret that the Agazi

soldiers and security forces perpetrating such cruel and in human assaults on the Oromo

students are under the direct command and order of the wicked dictator Meles Zenawi. Agazi

soldiers are remembered in the Addis Abeba street brutal massacre of more than 200 innocent

civilians who were demonstrating to protect their stolen votes by the regime right after 2005


The present assault and harassment of the Oromo university students is neither the first nor an

isolated incident; it is a continuation of a long standing anti-Oromo intellectuals’ policy pursued

by the tyrannical TPLF/Meles regime since it controlled the Ethiopian State power in May

1991. Its purpose is to deprive the Oromo nation of an educated manpower. This inhuman and

anti-Oromo policy emanated from the TPLF leaders’ vile belief that depriving the Oromo

nation of its educated man power makes it easier for them to misrule, subjugate and exploit the

conquered Oromo nation for a long-time. It was based on this inhuman policy that the TPLF

regime capriciously and discriminatorily dismissed more than 300 Oromo students from

Finfinee University a couple of years ago.

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) vehemently condemns the inhuman assault of the Meles

regime on the Oromo university students. Meles Zenawi and his tyrannical regime bear the sole

responsibility for the assault on Oromo students an its consequences.

The OLF calls on the Oromo people to stand by the Oromo university students, the future of our

nation, who are being attacked by the brutal TPLF regime. We call up on you to fulfil your

natural and patriotic duties to defend and protect your children.

The OLF particularly calls up on the Oromos, who are serving in the TPLF regime’s armed,

security and police forces, to say enough is enough and stand by the Oromo people, who are

daily harassed, terrorized, murdered and subjected to cruel, inhuman and discriminatory

treatments and turn your weapons against the tyrannical Meles Zenawi regime.

The timing of the assault on the Oromo students, May 2010, is not without reason. May 2010, is

a time of another round of a sham election; during which the TPLF regime made it a custom to

terrorize and murder the people. We believe that the assault and terrorization of the brutal

regime only started by the Oromo students; no people in Ethiopia will be immune from a

similar assault and the worst is yet to come; as long as the brutal TPLF continues to control the

State power in Ethiopia. Therefore, the OLF would like to take this opportunity to call up on all

concerned Oromo and other political forces opposed to the TPLF’s tyrannical misrule, to unite,

cooperate, and coordinate our struggles and once and for all get rid of the wicked, cruel and

criminal regime led by the tyrant Meles Zenawi, the source of all our miseries, and usher in an

era of liberation, democracy, freedom, justice, peace and prosperity for all the peoples in


Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromo Liberation Front

May 6, 2010


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