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Gaafa: Onkoloolessa/23/2014 Lakk.:006/2014

Date: 10/23/2014 No.: 006/2014 م رق



The Oromo Liberation Front (Popularly known as OLF for change) chairman, Brigadier General Kamal Galchuu has been removed from his position effective immediately.
Kamal Galchu since he came to the helm of the OLF, he has caused great destruction to the functions of the organization as a result of his poor leadership qualities and dictatorial actions. On numerous occasions he has been counseled to change his controlling and tyrannical behaviors in order to uphold the organization’s bylaws. In addition, he was continuously counseled to focus on the main objectives of the OLF, which is to unite the Oromo people and lead a unified struggle against tyrannical rule in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, he has resisted any initiative to bring different Oromo political organizations to form unit against the Wayyane regime. His irresponsible and tyrannical actions has deterred (OLF Change) from creating a relationship and cooperation between other Oromo Political groups. As chairman, G/ Kamal Galchu has led our organization on the path of political and material corruption by further annihilating the organization from implementing positive changes that serve the interests of the Oromo people as a whole.

G/Kamal Galchu has violated the laws he initially took an oath to uphold to serve his personal benefits and spread false propaganda among members of the organization, making it difficult to implement effective change. There is no a greater betrayal and shame than one who compromises a national struggle for personal benefits, the leadership of General Kamal Galchudisplays an outright violation similar of that of tyrannical leaders in Ethiopia. He ran the organization on the platform of absolute tyranny, led by one man and for one man only, by creating an environment that made it difficult, if not impossible, for members to work towards the organization’s goals. This was prevalent when he chose not to abide by the rules of the organization and pushed for deleterious aims in order to advance his personal gains.
His actions led the organizations on a detrimental path and made it difficult for our objectives to become a reality. Essentially, his tyrannical motives have brought great havoc to everyone in the organization and the broader national struggle of the Oromo people. He displayed oppressive and authoritative behaviors of his former boss Meles Zenawi, whilst enhancing his personal motives at the expense of the cause. He uses divide and rule system of the Wayyane regime that has applied against our people in similar in its context within the organization.
The Oromo Liberation Front, in particular, and the Oromo people in general, do not have any more tolerance for such tyrannical behaviors, which is contrary to the egalitarian Gadaa democracy, which our ancestors gave to our people. The Oromo people have sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice to establish a source of true democracy, rule of law and human rights for all. We certainly cannot allow any tyrannical and self-interested leaders to keep the Oromo people from attaining their freedom. His actions are blatantly shameful, instead of listening to thecouncil and advice of many leaders and elders, Oromo elites and think thank within the organization at different levels; he disregarded his duties and responsibilities by continuously violating our constitution that mandate collective leadership. By violating the collective leadership principles enshrined in our organization’s constitution, he has already removed himself from a position he was chosen to serve whilst creating a hostile environment for other loyal members. These behaviors display anti-democratic principles and utter disregards for rule of law, placing him in a position of the same authoritative leaders we took an oath to fight by all means.
In order to deter him from causing any further destruction and chaos to the organization’s objective, we have decided to remove him from his position as chairman of (OLF for Change). In accordance to our bylaws, formal and informal mediations, we have implemented all available strategies to resolve the issue. However, all our efforts fell on deaf ears of an individual who was determined to destroy the organization, by turning collective leadership embodied in our organization’s constitution into a single person controlled entity, which we are afraid greatly resembles that of his former boss, Melese Zenawi. General Kamal Galchu, by conducting in all of these destructive actions has lost the moral and legal ground to continue to lead our organization. Allowing him to continue with his dictatorial actions will destroy an organization, thousands, if not millions have lost their lives and are still losing to maintain. His lack of leadership skills has been a complete abomination. He has lost the trust, confidence and respect of the organization, both as a leader and a person.

 Therefore, we the Executive Committee of the organization (OLF) made political decision and announce that general Kamal Galchu purged from his chairman position of the organization. Until the general assembly of the organization holds an official meeting and chooses a new Chairman/Chairwoman, senior members from the Executive Committee and National Council will lead the organization.

 We will also take this opportunity to call upon leaders, individuals and groups who left this organization because of G/ Kamal Galchu’s tyrannical behavior to come back. Let’s stand together, under a unified objective and lead this great organization to victory for our people. We have no doubt that together; we can ensure great leadership with core principles that are based on teamwork, accountability & responsibility.

Finally, due to the mess that made by G/Kemal Galchu, the wayyane agents and those who have anti Oromo unity have infiltrated in our organization in the past. We assure that our organization has no fertile ground for the infiltrators and we call upon our members to give particular attention to watch infiltrators with great concern for the safety of our organization. For Information contact:

(1) Dr. Nuro Dedefo, and Phone No. (612)559-0489
(2) Brigadier General Hailu Gonfa,,Phone No. +2917179 153
(3) Dhaabaa Gutamaa , , and phone N° +4774167643

OLF Executive Committee.

October 23, 2014


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