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Nuhamiin Biqila Yadataa exiled to UK

Nuhamiin Biqila Yadataa   Known VOA journalist exiled to UK after suffering under Ethiopian security forces. Nuhamiin Biqilaa was targeted by Ethiopia Government because of her fact based report which was exposing the dictator government human rights abuses. She had saved so many innocent peoples life in Ethiopia by her active journalist investigations and fast reporting for world community. In return we believe she got today the world community and all countries support.

(her Full story)


European Union gives $320 million to TPLF /EPRDF Dictatorial Regime

January 30, 3009
The European Union has given Ethiopia 251 million euros (322 million dollars) in aid to boost development projects across the Horn of Africa nation, the government said Friday.
The agreement was signed Thursday by the bloc’s Director of Aid to sub-saharan Africa, Carribean and Pacific regions Gary Quince and Ethiopia’s Finance and Economic Development Minister Sufian Ahmed.
“The grant will be used for development assistance through road sector policy support… forest management and to implement some other development activities,” the finance ministry said in a statement.
The EU is one of the top development contributors to Ethiopia, an impoverished country of 77 million and among the world’s top aid recipients.
Source: AFP


ONLF warns Petronas to leave Ogaden

Ethiopia’s Person of the Year: MP Bulcha Demeksa

Bulcha Demeksa (photo: ips)

Jimma Times
  - “Obsaan annan goromsaat dhuga” (Full Report)

For an outsider visiting this old country where the coffee bean originated, figuring out the era and the political environment in Ethiopia can sometimes be as easy as riding a minibus taxi in its capital city.


  • Ethiopia 'begins Somalia pullout'
  • ONLF Statement on Massacre In Mooyaha Village, Ogaden 20 December 2008

    The Ethiopian regimes army has carried out a wanton massacre in the village of Mooyaha near the town of Ararso 50 Km north west of Dagahbur, Ogaden on the 17th of December 2008. (full report)



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