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Oromo Refugees in Yemen

 Date: 18 April 2012

                                                                                                         It may to whom  concern

We Oromo Refugees were camping in front of UNHCR Sana`a office from May28/2011 until March27/2012.for demanding our right like any other world refugees, For the past 20 years  The UNHCR office of Yemen did not give attention for our personal and general application. To give us proper solution as our rights, we forced to camp and protest in front of Sana`a office at this time on July 03, 05 and 07 the crime action taken  on camping refugees by government armed forces through the order of Sana`a  UNHCR officers.  In those past months of protest we made discussion with government representatives of interior and foreign minister , from security of the  capital Mr. Risk AlJawfi  , political security officer Mr. Fatwan, from immigration office Mr. Abdulla Alzarka  and refugee representative, from foreign minister Dr. Sam, Police station officers  and UNHCR higher officers. Through our discussions the government representatives told us  that they can`t  practice for us some rights like give us citizen ship, travel document, freedom of movement and freedom of expressing  political ideology (for they made security agreement with Ethiopian government)  In general full  local integration. They believe Concerning this right up to UNHCR to give proper durable solution, In our meeting of month  March All promise us for this and rest of lost rights of refugees  both Government and UNHCR officers to discuss how to solve our problem and answer us. Some days later political security officer Mr Fatwan, from immigration office Mr. Abdulla Alzarka  and refugee representative, from foreign minister Dr. Sam, Police station officers  call only Mr. Usman chairman of camping refugees with his interpreter one out of five main representatives  and warn him to decamp refugees 1,paying $200 for each without precondition for the question of demanding their right. or 2,camping in Alkharad  Somalia's refugee camp 3, to use armed force and deport us to Ethiopia. For We are helpless and weak refugees and lost  11 lives in death in front of UNHCR we request them  to give us witness paper signed by UNHCR 0fficers and government  to bound the time to give us final solution for our demand which lets us in sit in for 10 months and put all of us together  any place they need  under their responsibility . lastly they agree to send us Alkharad camp in Lahd area as everything is ready with full facility and under their responsibility until durable solution given to us in a very short time, but refuse to band the time in months or days. For we had no more chances we agree to give us agreement paper and send us. After armed forces surround us from 22 _ 27March 2012 without, food,  water and toilet in front of UNHCR office  Sana`a. (NB. Most of camping refugees were children's and women)We pass hard time for second crime done on us by this office. Then on 27March they called only our chairman with his Arabic interpreter to the office of UNHCR and took 207 urban refugees most of them women and children to governor of AlLahd to the desert area of Alkharad without any preparations and precondition for the answer of their demand raises for past 10 months.  Rest of us including the chairman Usman Galatu and his interpreter  Abdulah Kamal  and me General secretary of executive committee of camping refugees around 300 Refugees taken to immigration prison at 18:00 GMT , Now we lost more than 150 0f us from prison, no UNHCR officers need to contact us or answer for our call. We believe it is first time Refugees  under the mandate of UNHCR when raises question of right and made peace full protest in sit in in front of UNHCR beaten by armed forces until death then throw to desert area not to be seen in public and also arrest at the place which is dangerous for political refugees those were under harassments for the security agreement of both government  in July 2003 for the past 10 years.

NB.  In Nagdam refugee camp in Governorate  of Taiz three Oromo refugees whom higher officers in Naval forces were killed, 

  The action taken by UNHCR officers for refugees sit-in for in need of proper solution for the past 10 months in front of this office had ignoring refugees demand as noting had done like what had being done for the past 20 years in each personal case of Oromo refugees throw  protester refugee in desert area camp without any pre condition to settle  their problem only cheat us to clean protesting area from refugee  and to hide them  in remotest  area of the country  and  a hundred of refugees with  representatives taken to prison.

  Camping urban refugees whom under security alert shows agreement of some UNHCR officers with Ethiopian Government. For any action  to be taken in refugees in camp or in immigration prison.  And also for the crime done in the past 10 months of sit-in. UNHCR officers must be responsible.

  Attention:  Refugees protest for 10 months for demanding to achieve his legal refugee rights which lost for the past 20 years ,thrown to desert camp, or prison then forced to sign not to raise question of his right again to UNHCR or government to comes out of prison?

  We will let the above question for  whom in need to stand for human rights, and we need you to understood  the discrimination had been  going on Oromo refugees and support to take out us from this deadly crises. 

         From immigration prison;

   SECRATERY . executive committee



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