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Over 15 thousand members of EPRDF file resignation and 7 leaders exiled 2013

Over 15 thousand members of the ruling Front, EPRDF have filed resignation letters during the current evaluation meetings of the Front. Lose of trust on the Front, unacceptable service payment, dear membership fees and nepotistic appointments are some of the reasons for their resignations.

The largest exodus came from the Oromia region with 9,456 resigning, and Amhara, Southern Ethiopian region, Tigray taking the following shares of resignations respectively.Although the EPRDF boasts of over 5 million members, only less than 2 million members are believed to be active.  It was stated during the meeting that most university students join the Front to find jobs upon graduation, however only a quarter of the new entrants have been able to get jobs. 

Although there were graduates with remarkable academic grades, old hand members of the Front were employed ahead of them in Awasa, Bahir Dar and Mekele cities. EPRDF labelled those who filed the resignation as “spongers”. The leadership of one of the member parties of EPRDF, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is said to be involved in corruption.  ESAT will air letters titled “For members of the Organisation” that exposes the corruption within the ANDM leadership.

Similarly, the training that the government called in Haramaya University on “extremism and terrorism” has been interrupted. Students and lecturers of the University opposed the policy and ideas of the training arguing they should not be manipulated in such trainings and that the whole concept of labelling others as “extremists” is subjective. According to BBN Radio, the proposal to ban veils and prayers of Muslim students within the University has been opposed by all students.

In the training, attended by around 12 thousand students, many students have directly opposed the proposals of the meeting chairs while scores walked out of the training.

TPLF leaders exile with corruption money this year only :

  1. Getachew Belay former Minister of revenue and chief of EFFORT
  2. Arkebe Equbay Former Mayor of Addis Ababa
  3. Getachew Equbay   former executive of Mesfin Engineering.
  4. G/ Gazai Abera የጦር ሃይሎች የሎጂስቲክስ ዋና ሐላፊ የነበረ
  5. Kefyalew Azeze, the former Vice Mayor of Addis Ababa
  6. Atakliti Hagos, the former Director of the Federal Civil Service Agency
  7.  Junedin Sado, the former Minister of Civil Service


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