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Somaliland Government to Expel All Illegal Immigrants

 This is against the humanity they must respect internatioal law and Geneva agreement.

Hargeisa (SomalilandPress)— The Government of Somaliland today announced that it will expel about 100,000 illegal immigrants from the country. The government set one month for illegal immigrants to leave Somaliland, or face punishment, warning Somalilanders found hiding illegal immigrants will also be subject to punishment.

The Government plans to repatriate about 80,000 – 90,000 illegal immigrants mainly Ethiopians in one month. In a joint press conference by the deputy minister and the general director for the Interior ministry, General Director of the Ministry of Resettlement, governor of MarodiJeh region and the Mayor of Hargeisa, ordered all illegal immigrants in Somaliland to leave within thirty days, calling upon all Somaliland citizens to help the government in removing illegal foreigners.
“The government calls for all illegal persons in Somaliland who were not accepted as a refugee, to leave the country immediately “said the Deputy Minister for Interior Affairs.

There are about 470 families from Pakistan, Yemen and Ethiopia accepted as refugees and they will not be affected by this order.

The Deputy Minister for Interior Mr. Mohamoud Garaad Soofe explained the reasoning behind this announcement; ” We are concerned that over 100,000 illegal immigrants living in Somaliland, doing whatever they want and going where ever they want. Moreover, large number of illegal immigrants enters the country daily, and for these reasons we are worried that these people can mix with citizens and settle down here, displacing Somaliland citizens…”
Mr. Soofe said that illegal immigrants reluctant to obey this order will face the justice, without violating their personal rights. “ We have decided starting from today, 4th September, 2011 until 4 October 2011, the expulsion of all illegal immigrants from Somaliland, and anyone being reluctant or failing to leave the country on the scheduled period will be brought to dealt with according to the Law” said Soofe.

The General Director for the Ministry of Resettlement Mr. Ahmed Elmi Barre, said “Somaliland is not a dust bin but a nation with laws and constitution, and we will not tolerate those entering Somaliland without legal documents”.
This is not the first time Somaliland government announces the repatriation of Ethiopian immigrants, but hundreds of illegal immigrants were sent home for the last decade, although many of them returned shortly.

Some Ethiopian immigrants do low paid jobs, whilst many others resort to begging and are a familiar sight on the streets of the large cities in Somaliland. The issue of illegal immigrants is a thorny one and for some time now there has been a concern about the strain on precious resources and over-crowding in urban areas.


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