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Meles Zenawi’s obsession with Eritrea

By Elias Kifle

Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta have a disturbing, and some times comical, obsession with Eritrea. They blame the Eritrean government for every bad thing that is happening to them. They like to call their opponents, such as myself, Eritrean. I am not Eritrean, but many of the Woyanne top leaders are full or half Eritreans. So one may ask, why are Woyannes extremely obsessed with Eritrea? The answer: 1) They consider Eritrea as the biggest threat to their rule, 2) As mental midgets they suffer from inferiority complex; and 3) Since Meles and many of the top Woyannes are Eritreans, they feel that their “Greater Tigray” plan must involve Eritrea.

The following is a list of Eritreans in the top echelon of the Woyanne junta.

Meles Zenawi, half Eritrean and naturalized Yemeni, the grand wizard of the TPLF junta

Bereket Simon, full Eritrean, the unimaginative Woyanne propaganda chief who keeps a copy of Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Manual under his pillow

Debretsion Gebre-Mikael, half Tigrean, half Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, radio, TV, and Internet jammer

Samora Yenus, half Sudanese, half Eritrean, Woyanne military chief of staff “but no one Oromo general in army. Way more than half of the country population Oromo isolated from the army ?

Tewodros Adhanom, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, health minister

Tewodros Hagos, full Eritrean, TPLF politburo member, supervisor of the Eritrean opposition groups, head of political affairs for Tigray region (nothings happens in Tigray without his knowledge — president of Tigray Abay Woldu reports to him)

Isayas Woldegiorgis, full Eritrean, Woyanne chief assassin (carries out Meles Zenawi’s assassination orders), deputy head of national intelligence (but has more power than national intelligence and security chief Getachew Assefa)

Fasil Nahom, half Eritrean, half Jewish, legal adverser to Meles Zenawi

Neway Gebreab, full Eritrean, economic adviser to Meles Zenawi

Yemane Kidane (Jamaica), full Eritrean, former TPLF CC member, became multimillionaire over night, currently personal adviser to Meles and Azeb Mesfin, invests their loot abroad

The above is a partial list. The Woyanne security apparatus particularly is filled with full or half Eritreans.


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