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The Urgent Call from Oromo Refugees in Yemen

To Whom It May Concern,

We, Oromo refugees, would like to kindly inform you that, as you have seen and heard, the serious brutal situation in Yemen at the moment with the fighting destroying homes, and killing and injuring civilians; the death toll is rising.

Refugees are under dire situations: the old, the children and the infants, the patients are left home hopelessly and helplessly because breadwinners are suspended from their jobs; there also exists high inflation on food items, etc.

We, therefore, kindly request you to plea to UNHCR for our protection and rights.

Please see the crowded refugees, those displaced from their homes, at the gate of UNHCR on the attached pictures for the evidence.

UNHCR office in Yemen responsible for thousands of  Oromo refugees life

Oromo refugees fleeing Zenawi's state-sponsored terrorism in Oromia are currently facing more crises in Yemen and North Africa due to the conditions in those countries. Since the military occupation of Oromia in 1991 by Zenawi's TPLF forces, thousands of Oromos have been forced to flee to neighboring countries in the region. Here are the latest news headlines on Oromo refugees in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Somalia and Kenya.



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