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Oromo Refugees Demonstration in Yemen
watch Video  Oromo Refugees Demonstration in Yemen 
We Oromo refugees in side 
immigration prison under security alert to be deported, as Mr. Abdulla Ali Mohsen Alzarka  main representatives of the prison said to representatives of refugees on 21(Saturday) morning all mobil telefons of refugees must be collected and given to office, but refugees asked to know who detain them and why. The officer said "you are mind less" by beating head of Mr. Abdulla Kamal one of those represent refugees and told us that we three representatives  Mr. usman and Abdulla Sherif will be sent to court for we did not answer Ethiopian Embassy representatives when they came to contact us in prison. When we told him UNHCR officers and government representatives broke their promise to us (to give us witnees paper untill they solve our problem which we raised when camping infront of the office He warn us to take action by armed force and said " There is no law To stop me for taking action" He remained us He deport Security guard of Former President  Mengistu . so For what ever action taken to us and reverse action taken to any body Who is the case of this crises. today is the 6 day with out food and water There is no water because of that the toilet is very offensive this also cause other Health problem.



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