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Your Urgent Action survives them from being killed. Girma Turuna, Dachasa Wirtu Mosisa ,Gada Ragassa and 400 Mizen Tepi University

Oromia Support Group in Australia, (OSGA), expresses its grave concern about the arbitrarily firing ammunitions, separately on about 400 unarmed innocent Oromo students, by the Ethiopian government Federal Security Forces in the ‘Mizen Tepi’ University Campus from evening of April 6, 2011 till morning of April 7, 2011. By this cruel action more than 114 Oromo students were injured where only very few of wounded students admitted to hospital but the rest are suffering in individuals houses. 50 more Oromo students were abducted at mid of the night by gun point from their dormitory and trucked by military vehicle to their whereabouts are still mysterious. On Saturday 9th of April 2011 four more innocent Oromo students namely: 1. Girma Turuna – University of Haro-Maya 2. Dachasa Wirtu Mosia – University of Haro-Maya 3. Gada Ragassa - University of Hawasa - completed his study and on process of graduation 4. Fayisa Fufa – University of Wallaga – 3rd year Were kidnapped by the government security forces where they disappeared immediately from the area.

According to the latest OSGA information source although a rumor of transporting them to the Capital City, ‘Addis Ababa’, clandestine detention centre, nevertheless, their actual current location and situation are unidentified. Therefore, OSGA intensely concern for their physical and mental wellbeing. OSGA utterly believe these students are guiltless and unjustly abducted. OSGA trust you are aware of the habitual deception of the Ethiopian government. Regarding the abduction the students from their study for simply the authorities fabricated allegation of suspecting them ‘lit a revolt’ in the country against the regime


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