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Victory and Freedom for Oromo People.

VICTORY! AND AN INDICATION OF WHAT UNITY CAN BRING! Bedele Special decides not to pursue the sponsorship concert tour On 20 December 2013, we announced a sponsorship agreement between the Bedele Special brand and the Ethiopian artist Teddy Afro. We regret that we will disappoint those who were looking forward to the concert tour; however we have decided not to pursue the sponsorship of the concert tour.

 ------------------------------- Press enquiries: Nebat Sukker HEINEKEN Breweries S.C. Press Office Tel. +251 912 621771 Email: ABOUT HEINEKEN in ETHIOPIA HEINEKEN has a long history with Africa. Already in 1900 HEINEKEN was exporting beer to various African countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone). The first brewery in DRC was established in 1923. For many years the business expanded across the continent and in 2011, the acquisition of Harar and Bedele Breweries Ethiopia was made. In 2012, the construction of a new greenfield brewery was announced, which will be operational in 2014.The Ethiopian beer market is growing. The market practically doubled over the last 5 years and the per capita consumption is still relatively low compared to other East African markets. The main drivers for growth are a large population, a fast growing economy and rising incomes. HEINEKEN Ethiopia’s key brands are Bedele Special, Bedele Regular, Harar, Hakim Stout and Sofi Malt. Description: Description: Nebat Sukker Corporate Relations Manager HEINEKEN Breweries S.C. E T +251 (0) 11 4 70 30 51 M +251 (0) 912 62 17 71


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