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Official report calls for Morsi to declare war on Ethiopia

Cairo (UBI) referred the Egyptian Attorney General, on Sunday, to the Supreme State Security Prosecution communiqué demanding President Mohamed Morsi to "declare war on Ethiopia" because of its construction of the Renaissance Dam, which affects Egypt and the Nile waters.

The public prosecutor ordered the Egyptian advisor Talaat Abdullah, to refer the communication submitted by the lawyer Ramadan Aloqbar, to the Supreme State Security Prosecution to investigate the allegations contained therein for each of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, and former Defense Minister Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, "failing to take measures to protect the source of life in Egypt (Nile) and the neglect of hostilities projects that Ethiopia seeks to create to Tattiyh Egypt. "

Word communication that carried the number "1232 to 2013 reports of the Attorney General," that the Defendant in their all "neglected the file to protect the waterway of the Nile River and Egypt's share of water, and failed to take measures to meet the plan Ethiopia planned to build a dam Renaissance."

The author that "should have been on the two systems, which ruled Egypt after the revolution (the January 25 revolution that toppled regime of former President Hosni Mubarak) that
يعطيا first priority Dam Project Renaissance, which has serious impacts on Egypt in the destruction of the amount of drinking water, fisheries, agriculture, and set-aside of agricultural land and the lack of electric power.

"The risk of dam Ethiopia exceeds the risk of Israel itself, where violated international law with respect to start construction of the dam, because it was a must that the notifications prior to the countries that are involved with them in the Nile Basin, most notably the two States downstream (Egypt and Sudan)."

The petitioner demanded, the Attorney-General to take all legal proceedings, and "to compel the first complained against him in his capacity as president of the country to declare war on Ethiopia after the construction of a dam which will affect the renaissance of Egypt and the Nile waters."

Egyptian street prevails state of anxiety that leads the Ethiopian government's construction of "Renaissance Dam" to reduce Egypt's share of Nile water, amounting to 55.5 billion cubic meters annually.

This News is Automatically Translated by Google from the Arabic Version of Newspaper.

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The Arabic Version of the News

بلاغ رسمي يطالب الرئيس المصري بإعلان الحرب على إثيوبيا بسبب سد النهضة

JUNE 9, 2013


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