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An International Conference on the Oromo and Horn of Africa was a huge success

2 July , 2011 (Antwerp, Belgium)

A consultative conference held on 2nd of July organized under the theme of “Stop Tolerating the Ethiopian Dictatorship; Let’s Work for the Freedom of Nations and Regional Stability”, which brought a broad range of scholars and issues on Oromo and the horn of Africa was a huge success according to organizers.

This conference was the first of its kind to be organized in Europe.  Speakers from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Middle East and Cameroon have participated. This conference is a result of hardworking Exiled Oromo parliamentarians working under the banner of Oromo Parliamentarians Council (OPC).

The conference was opened by the speech of Dr. Getachw Jigi Demekssa (An Exiled MP and the current Chairman of OPC) who assessed the overall repression and pain of the Oromo people under the EPRDF regime. Ms. Tetty Rooze Coordinator of Protestant Social center and Human rights activist explain much concerning, The suffering of Oromos in Ethiopia and in the abroad as a result of the Ethiopia regime repression.  Dr. Trevor Truman continued in line with his detailed human right abused caused by the brutal regime in Ethiopia. He presented a clear data, pictures and first hand information based on his trip to the nearest boarder of Ethiopia and many refugee camps in Kenya. Mr. Andrew Swan from UNPO presented on International Recognition of the Oromo Nation and its Current Situation while Mr. Gino Brunswijck , an independent researcher;  presented on Land Grabbing in Oromia.

A Cameroonian researcher Ms. Marie Sandra presented on the plight of Oromo Women’s and Children’s followed by Mr. Franc Rottiers, Philosopher and a Doctoral researcher at Ghent University with a title Democracy revisited: recognizing the case of Oromo refugee.  A young researcher Mr. Remco Van Hauwermeiren presented The Human Right Abuse of the Ethiopian Government in Ogaden based on his first hand information based on his field trip and observation. Finally Mr. Gabriel from the Aram-Nahrin Organization presented on Indigenous nation’s colonialism, spiritual and physical genocide. The event was an eye opening for Belgians and an encouragement for the Oromo and other nation from the horn of Africa at seeing the truth being staged with the people who can make some sort or difference.

Shocked by the continued repression, torture and killing as explained by Western scholars of different origin, participants have vowed to do all their best to bring the murderous Meles Zenawi and his government to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. They have also asked the EU and other governments to withdraw their support from this criminal government.

The most surprising issue of this event is that, Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels and their agents have campaigned and engaged in a terror like threat in a bid to misinform the public from taking part in the conference. To realize this evil agenda Agents, Diplomats, including Deputy Head of Mission, who happens to speak Afan Oromo, have called many people with anonymous phone and sometimes with open line to threaten individuals they think will attend the events. This unfolded in angering the public and contributed for the high participation as a sign of resistance. One of the participants was heard as saying, “Are the EPRDF and their agents dreaming to export their repression even to Europe? If that is the case we should also engage them in every appropriate manner”

To the extreme disappointment of the dictatorial regime in Addis and their agents in Belgium, the attendance was amazing and the program went successful beyond the goal initial set. In the interest of law, the organizers said, the phone calls made, the numbers used and the threats posed were immediately reported to the police and the investigations is underway. According to the investigation so far made by the organizers Ambassador Solomon Abebe, a Deputy Head of Mission; was at the forefront of this organized crime of threat and terror. The number he used was tracked as +32 2 771 32 94, his voice was recorded and was already handed over to the police.

Finally the organizers went on promising to hold more events of this type and to follow up the outcome of this conference. The conference come to an end with deep though, big moral and after financial contribution to the Oromo Support Group (OSG) led by Dr Truman , for their project to support the Oromo Refugees suffering in neighboring Countries in the horn of Africa.

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