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 International Diplomat and Mediator Ambassador Berhanu Dinka Guda (1936-2013)

 A Farewell to International Diplomat and Mediator Ambassador Berhanu Dinka

A brief History (1936-2013)

Ambassador Berhanu Dinka Guda wasborn on June 04, 1936 in West Wollega, Nedjo district special place called Qotee gannaasii . He was a son of Girzimach Dinka Guda, and Adde Ta’ee Buqe. Ambassador Berhanu Dinka Completed his elementary education at Swedish Evengelical Missionlocated in Nedjo (renamed Hunde Bekumsa) and the same school located in Finfinne. He also completed his secondary school at the then Haile Silassie School in Finfinne.

Ambassador Berhanu Dinka was career diplomat who continuously served his country for 27 years in the Ethiopian Foreign Service (1959-1886). During this period, he was assigned tothe Ethiopian embassies in Monrovia, Liberia (1962-1964), Cairo, Egypt(1964-1967) and Washington DC (1967-1975). In 1975 Ambassador Berhanu Dinka headed the Africa and Middle East departments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In January 1980, he became the first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to Republic of Djibouti where he started the crucial role of laying the foundation of necessary for strong cooperation and good neighbourliness between the two countries. In 1984,he was appointed as Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Organizations in New York and Concurrently to Canada.

Having left the Ethiopian Diplomatic Service, Ambassador Berhanu Dinka joined United Nations (UN) and served with

1.      UNTAC in Cambodia (1992-1993)

2.      The UN election organizing mission in South Africa (1993-1994)

3.      UNOSOM in Somalia (1994-1995)

4.      Special Envoy of Secretary General of UN (KofiAnan) to Sierra Leone (1995-1997)

5.      Special Representative of the UN-SRSG for Great Lake Region of Central Africa with rank of assistant Secretary General (1997-2002)

6.      Special Representative of Secretary General in Burundi with rank of Under Secretary General (2002-2004)

Since his retirement from UN in2004 Ambassador Berhanu Dinka assisted the African Union by serving as chairman of the steering committee during the Abuja negotiations between the Government of Sudan and the leaders of armed rebellion in Darfur. In 2008, the African Union Eminent Personalities, headed by formers UN secretary General Kofi Anan, nominated Ambassador Berhanu Dinka to be Commissioner of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya. The nomination was approved by National Assembly of Kenyaleading to formal appointment of Ambassador Berhanu Dinka to the position by president of the Republic of Kenya, Miwai Kibaki, on July 22, 2009.

In addition, Ambassador Berhanu Dinka was a founding member of the Forum for the Study of Foreign Policy. Which was established in Finfinne by veteran Ethiopian Diplomats and international Civil Servants with the aim of becoming one of the leading think-tanks in the Ethiopia.

Ambassador Berhanu Dinka served his country and Africa with the integrity and dedication. After having received due medical care, Ambassador Berhanu Dinka passed away on July 7, 2013. His funeral was took place at Finfinne, Cathedral church in the presence of International and national diplomats, representatives of various multilateral institution, family and friends on July 13, 2013. 


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