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The Oromo nationalism
By Rundaasaa Eshete


Nationalism has no definite form or shape by which it manifests itself aside from the cultural values and norms of any given society.  If there is Oromo culture, there is no Oromo nationalism.   As long as people desire to dislike the Oromo cultural norms and values and grasp after other values, delusion is still with them; therefore, those who are following other nations cultural values  must not say they care about the Oromo cultural values.  When people attain NATIONALISM  in this sense, they are saying that Oromo has to be free from the Abyssinians political and cultural dominance and start practicing whatever the culture they value the most, which in our case could be the Arab culture or the American culture that is practiced by 8 million Pentecostal Oromos.  
The truth is, all things appear and disappear because of cause and effect.  In other words, nothing ever exist entirely alone because every thing is in relation to every thing else.  That means;
a. Wherever there is inferiority, there is superiority
b. Wherever there is weakness, there is strength
c. Wherever there is shortness, there is length
d. Wherever there is disability, there is ability
e. Wherever there is tribalism, there is nationalism
f. Wherever there is a lie, there is truth etc.. 
By the same reasoning, the Tigre strength can not exist apart from the Oromo weakness.  That also means, if we are not inferior people we would have never worshiped white men's images whose philosophy made us hate ourselves, our names, our culture, our norms and our values.  When the Amharas named us "Galla" they meant that we are not Christians. When the Arabs called us "Kufar" they mean that we are not Muslim. When the White men called us Pagan, they meant what the same thing that the Amharas and the Arabs have been saying about us.
These philosophies have driven us away from ourselves to the degree of hating our names, culture, values and norms.  destroying the Oromo identity by influencing the likes of the Pentecostal groups who are drunk with hate of Oromo values is growing at fastest rate than during the Darg time.  Similarly, Islam is financed by the Arabs since the TPLF came to power and there is no room for the Oromo identity to grow. In general, imported religions have destroyed the Oromo identity by promoting black self hate. 
As said above, since things do not differ in their essential nature, there can not be duality.  In short, it is a mistake for people to seek action/liberation while they flee from the self they were suppose to liberate.  Good and right coexist with bad and evil.  To gain good things, evil things need to be gone.  In our case, our evil is our inferiority that forces us flee from self and take refuge under the identities of others. That is where borrowed names become part of the evil we should eradicate, and that is what self liberation demands. This also called NATIONALISM.
People who insist that God requires borrowing the Arab names and the Arab culture need to DECLARE that they have nothing to do with Oromo.  The same way speaking English language doesn't make me a white man, speaking afaan Oromo can't make one an Oromo.  To be an Oromo, one has to respect the Oromo cultural norms.  But our Arabs/Jews in black suit may share afaan Oromo with us but not our norms, our values, our traditions and our culture.  In fact, they hate everything we have.  They are attached to middle eastern people's identity, yet they have black skin color and middle eastern people's brains.  
For example, if one asks African Americans the definition of blackness, the answer one gets will be those black kids who are born in White neighborhood and act like White, are White.  That means, skin color is not what makes someone black but behavior.  The same thing must be true about our black Arab tribes who live among us.  
Rundaasaa dha

Waan Hubacha jiru tokko Oromoon Bilisumma barbada jeedhu Amanta Musilima, Faraji fi Amhara jala dura bilisa of basuu qaba. Habasha jala adeema Oromoo bilisa basuun hin danda'amu.


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