Without a Correct Vision of Today´s World, Oromos Cannot Bring Forth an Independent Oromia

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
The present article and the forthcoming parts of this new series constitute a continuation to two earlier series; references to them (titles and links) can be found in the last of the second series, which was entitled "The Only Path to Independent Oromia: How to Make A Dream Come True" (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/149573).

To set the correct foundations of a liberation struggle, one must accurately, comprehensively and perspicaciously assess the environment whereby this struggle is going to take place. In a global world, this means that the entire global community has to be taken into account. For the Oromos engaged against the Abyssinian tyranny of the Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic (Tewahedo) racists, this imposes an in-depth assessment of the existing global socioeconomic, cultural and geopolitical conditions.

Avoiding unnecessary, lengthy considerations, I will herewith present a list of points (about the existing global socioeconomic, cultural and geopolitical conditions) that are imperative for Oromos to take into account. Any oversight or erroneous assessment in this regard would affect Oromos´ considerations of the path to take in order to achieve liberation and national independence.

Point 1.

The prevailing world order reflects the interests and the plans of a secretive elite that put under control most of the world´s political establishments, administrations, financial institutions, corporations, diplomacies, academia, intellectuals, religious authorities, and top military.

Point 2.

The structure of the ruling elite is hierarchical, pyramidal. This determines the absolutely dictatorial nature of the structure. As this elite controls most of the world´s political establishments, it infiltrates them, and in doing so, it projects onto them its own structure and nature. The Western societies are therefore of secretive, hierarchical, pyramidal structure too. Imagining that there is a free, democratic society in this world is absolute ignorance; it can have lethal consequences for the dreamer(s).

Point 3.

The nature of the ruling elite is evil, perverse, extorted and therefore inhuman. As the elite is systematized into an organization, the human nature of the novices is gradually deformed by means of shocking initiation rites that help deplete the human nature of the unfortunate new member and allow him / her be promoted only after full assimilation is effectuated. This practice underscores the monstrously antidemocratic nature of the organization itself. Assessing this reality is essential for anyone as it offers an insightful into our world´s terrible problems and antidemocratic nature that are a mere reflection of the elite organization´s nature.

Point 4.

Due to the aforementioned, it is evident that moral values, as attested in, respected by, and derived from all human societies and cultures, represent the chief target of the world ruling elite. The world order imposed by them is the archenemy (not of the moral values of one sociopolitical, cultural-religious system, e. g. Islam, Confucianism or Gadaa / Waaqeffannaa, but) of all virtues and values of all human civilizations, cultures and societies.

Point 5.

The present, immoral world order was superimposed on our societies by the ruling elite over the span of several centuries, mainly two to three, and this was effectuated in a gradual and dissimulative manner. In fact, it consisted in a plan of normative multi-leverage exercised throughout the world for more than 300 years. This means that developments that took place in order to produce a result x, finally ended up with a ?x situation.

I will offer here an example; who could believe that the work of some Catholic missionaries in Africa would be so disastrous? An African girl accepted Christianity because the missionaries portrayed their faith- as something far better than the African ancestral religion of that girl. Was it truly better? At a greater age, the christened African girl moved to a Western country, imagining that the Christian world would offer greater opportunities and a highly sophisticated, moral society worthy the experience. But there, she got married and divorced, her son turned out to be a drugs user or a homosexual, and her daughter became a prostitute. The best intentions ended in a disaster. So typical!

The example does not need to have Africa as background, it can be set in Latin America of South Asia. The ultimate conclusion is that, without the missionary (who certainly does not bear any responsibility in this regard for the dramatic deterioration of the life conditions), the small African (or Latin American, Asiatic, etc.) girl would have lived an examplary life back in her place of origin ? with superior values the historicity of which is beyond any doubt, challenge or match.

Point 6.

The ruling elites did not impose the present world order as an end or terminus per se; there is more to it, and the end target identification concerns equally subjugated nations and sovereign peoples. This may however be a futurologist concern, and irrespective of the evil essence that the target identification may reveal, the moral degradation that occurred already consists in a perfect reason for toppling the present world order. This leads us to two critical points for all the Oromos:

a. global-level coordination with groups opposing the present world order is highly important


b. the sociopolitical difference between sovereign peoples (e. g. Germans, Chinese, Indians, Bolivians, etc.) and subjugated nations (e.g. Oromos, Berbers, Catalans, Baluch, Sidamas South Azeris, Aramaeans, Ogadenis, etc.) matters truly little, because in either case, the constituent elements of every people, every nation have been comprehensively and determinately targeted (involving socio-behavioral values, spiritual-religious doctrines, traditional concepts and ideals, namely the national identity and the cultural integrity of every group).

Point 7.

The world ruling elite originates from Western Europe; colonialism was only one of the numerous devices used in order to bring about the present world order. Clearly identifying the rest of the devices used is of primordial importance as well; to do so every people, every nation has only one guide, one criterion, one measurement unit: their traditional system

to which their ancestors so proudly preferred to stick,

from which derives every nation´s identity, authenticity and virtue, and

in which each nation belongs.

There is conclusively one question only that matters for the Oromos, and all the rest, when we have to proceed with the evaluation of the devices used by the ruling elite in order to bring about the present world:

How this fact (element, condition, trait, point) would have been considered, viewed, assessed, evaluated by the free and genuine Oromos before 200 years, if supposedly presented to them?

Why this question is critical is simple to understand; only this question brings about an answer able to remove any confusion and to unveil the gradual and dissimulative manner by which the present world order was superimposed allover the world.

It is the same with colonialism, one of the devices that I already mentioned. The most important reason for which today´s Oromos have to (and actually do) reject colonialism are the arguments used by their forefathers before 100 or 140 years against it.

Point 8.

Colonialism, as one of the devices used by the world ruling elite, may have calamitously affected Africa, Asia, America, Oceania and even sizeable parts of Europe that before 200 years belonged to the Ottoman Empire, which means territories other than those inhabited then by the ancestors of today´s ruling elite (needless to say it; here I don´t mean hereditary ancestors but antecedent members of the world ruling elite´s organization). But all the other devices used by the world ruling elite have disastrously impacted Europe and North America as well.

Many Europeans and Americans are able to identify the extremely negative side effects brought about by the devices gradually invented and perfidiously introduced by the ancestors of today´s ruling elite, such as the environmental collapse, but they fail dramatically to come up with a comprehensive list of the said devices, and denounce them. This is due to the fact that the Italians, the Gernmans, the French and the other Western Europeans (out of whose realm emanated today´s ruling elite) have been longer exposed to a greater dose of devices ? or to put it better to all the devices invented and introduced by the said organization. In this regard, the Oromos and other subjugated nations of Africa and Asia, as well as the indigenous nations of America and Oceania, are better positioned to lead the ideological opposition to the tools that brought the Mankind at the brink of abyss.
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Point 9.

Major devices used by the world ruling elite to bring forth the present world order involve amongst others the following:

a. Enlightenment philosophy and political theories heralding free, just and egalitarian societies ruled by non-hereditary, elected statesmen

Fake: it was due to an extraordinary effort of idealizing some of the political regimes that had existed in Ancient Athens and Rome.

b. Republican political systems that would hypothetically help implement Freedom, Justice, Equity and Egalitarian ideals and practices

Fake: Due to the vilification of the European noblesse, it was mistakenly believed that these ideals could not be implemented without the prior removal of the nobles and the hereditary rulers.

c. Industrial revolution. It started with the mechanization of manufacture, and was rapidly spread because of earlier diffused materialistic concepts and considerations, notably the introduction of the profit as socioeconomic concept (the so-called Protestant work ethic that had also triggered the commercial revolution, the mercantilism, the early colonialism, and the price revolution).

Fake: The different innovations that are categorized as "industrial revolution" were not necessary for the people at the time, were not deemed as positive, and were not valued at all.

Today´s Human Rights activists residing in the Western countries, who pretend that the Western countries are democratic, should focus on, and reveal to the rest of the world, the uniquely cruel and tyrannical measures by which the ideological opponents of the industrial revolution were dealt with at the time (the notorious effort of orchestrated defamation of the Luddites which was carried out by England Freemasonic newspapers, and the subsequent misinformation undertaken down to our times); they faced execution and / or penal transportation because they opposed the introduction of machines!

d. Second industrial revolution. This term denotes the continuation of the aforementioned developments, and the launching of the earliest form of the chemical, electrical, petroleum and steel industries. Based on a combined background of materialism, materialistic monism, agnosticism, atheism, and epistemological positivism, the second industrial revolution was viewed as a means to consolidate and intensify the socially risen, greedy bourgeois class that was totally permeated by Freemasonic lodges and agents provocateurs.

Fake: the second industrial revolution and colonialism are the two faces of the same coin; the efficient advance of the former helped tremendously the success of the latter, and the expansion of the latter gave an enormous push to the former. Still, all these inventions and applications were rejected by the majority of the Western population at the time as evil. The trickery by which the public opinion was discredited has one name: "progress". Anyone opposing "progress" was ignorant, mad, and dangerous, and had therefore to be silenced. In fact, electricity was rejected as inherently evil, as a magical force of destruction that can slay the living and bend the laws of nature. In addition, the subject of revitalization of the dead due to electricity created an entire dynamics of its own.

e. Systematic, overwhelming and unchallenged disregard of the ancient wisdom with respect to the purpose and the raison d´ être of the scientific knowledge. We have by now access to Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian ? Babylonian, and Chinese sources and views on the subject, but all the 17th ? 19th century European scholars, who were so enthusiastic in their admiration of Ancient Greece, did their best to eliminate Aristotle´s thesis about the purpose of the scientific knowledge.

Fake: We know now, and it was continually known since the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, that Aristotle defined as purpose of the scientific knowledge the theoretical establishment of the true and natural causes of the things. Science does not and cannot exist for the fabrication of material benefits and machines that supposedly facilitate the lowest instincts and material aspects of life.

f. Consumerism, commercialism, modernism, disproportional urbanism, and post-materialism. As the assault on traditional values was facilitated by the much propagated technological innovations, the widely publicized inventions, and their hypothetically beneficial applications, the Western countries entered the second stage of technological society whereby the "new acquisitions" became widely shared among the overwhelming majority of the Western societies, and thence exported to the "provincial" upper classes of the docile post-colonial regimes of Asia and Africa, who calamitously propagated among their societies the aforementioned devices in a shameful effort to subserviently contribute to the evil deeds of their European masters.

This stage involves several, advanced and vicious devices such a consumerism, commercialism, modernism, disproportional urbanism, and post-materialism. The nature of these tools is so deceitful that they generate addiction among the victims who envision their lives as absolutely depending on these devices.

As alternatives have been virtually eliminated, politicians and statesmen keep up a mythical language about unreal subjects, philosophers and intellectuals either entertain discussions on elitist subjects or reproduce pro-establishment ideas, and scholars focus on over-specialized topics and fail to duly popularize their fields, no opposition was ever duly articulated with respect to the aforementioned devices.

Fake: the materialistic concern of purchasing otherwise useless and evidently redundant "goods" is fabricated by means of several tricks involving brand names and advertisements. The latter are mentally, psychologically and spiritually dangerous activities that threaten practically speaking every individual with mental sickness. Almost all the daily activities of the average human beings have therefore been aptly forced to evolve around the constituent elements of a fake, prefabricated reality (from the simplest actions to professional occupation, and from recreation to participation in the public affairs) that would have been rejected by all our ancestors worldwide.

Point 10.

The world ruling elite does not believe in anything else except themselves; and as they are totally devoid of moral values, they perceive every human being, society, establishment and ruler as only a factor to be duly incorporated in their plan. This means that some people will be selected for initiation, membership and assimilation within the organization, whereas others will be offered deals and privileges in order to willingly collaborate; furthermore, other people or establishments become the subject of apt immobilization (which makes them harmless for the world ruling elite´s plan), and finally, others are immediately considered as enemies and dealt with as such. The parts of the plan are duly carried out by the members and the collaborators who have been timely placed in the correct place to be available for action, should a need arise. Useless to add it, any activities undertaken by any human being, society, establishment and ruler that happen to oppose or threaten the general plan and its annexes are immediately dealt with in a typical manner that epitomizes cruelty, efficiency, and inhumanity.

The aforementioned ten points are essential for any Oromo to take into consideration. In fact, it is imperative for any Oromo to realize that the independence of Oromia gravely disturbs the plan of the world ruling elite. One can analyze this subject in an article, a book or encyclopedia, but this does not really matter. It would almost be a waste of time.

Simple reasoning is enough for an astute observer to draw the correct conclusions: if the world ruling elite had decided to create an independent Oromia, this would have been produced as fast as a lightning. They wanted to create Greece; they fabricated Greece in 1828. They wanted to create Slovenia; they produced Slovenia in 1991. They wanted to create Kosovo; they formed Kosovo in 2008. But certainly, they are determined not to allow an Independent Oromia emerge.

This is nothing to fear; the most formidable power can be broken to pieces. And the present world order is shaken from its foundations. But the aforementioned realities, only when properly assessed, can lead to the correct decision making. Any people, any nation can deliver a devastating blow to the evil plans of the world ruling elite; but they will not do it by setting up a publicly known liberation front and by sending its de facto impotent leaders to deliberate with agents, proxies and puppets of the elite who will have these "leaders" bought up within seconds.

I will come with more specific suggestions in a forthcoming article.