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I was listening to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) when I heard amazing declaration of General Hailu Gonfa amending  the political program of the formal Oromo Liberation Front’s(OLF) that as the splinters of OLF have erased ’Secession’ and replaced by ‘Democratizing’ Ethiopia ,toppling the ‘Wayane’ Government . However, the funny thing is that I do not know, where and in which article of OLF political program did put  the concept secession?.Generals are erasing what is not there before. I know that regarding this issue OLF has clearly stated its program, that the question of Oromo’s fate will be determined by Oromo people himself, not by OPDO of G7.

General Kamal Galchu was also giving an interview to one of Abyssinian ridden mass media repeating the same thing denying the right of Oromo people to decide for himself but by the OPDO of G7. Of course these Generals should not be blamed for they know nothing about the essence of Oromo National Struggle.  Their experience and knowledge is basically from the Military Government of Ethiopia, Mengistu’s and of the recent Wayane ideology of denying the rights of nation and nationalities Kamal and his followers are reciting their old knowledge of the oppressing hay days.

In fact Wayane Generals  have spoken  what they know. It is only these very limited experience and knowledge what they have in mind to declare. They did not face and felt how Oromo National Freedom Struggle is bitter and life tasking. I think the mistake lies on OLF. In 2006 when these Generals joined OLF defecting from EPRDF, it was well and good to accept them to the field of struggle, but the way they were assigned to effect the struggle was a fatal mistake. OLF did not give them a chance to learn and understand the extent and the magnitude of , historical and practical essence of Oromo National Struggle They came to OLF and became Commander in Chief of OLA. They did not come through the struggles. These generals and their followers; K/ Ababa Darasu  the like cannot be blamed for they can not understand the real blood shading struggle from its serious true sense. They defected from Wayane, came to OLF, posted and again ran away to G7 for another post at the expense of Oromo bloods and bones

These group are purely speaking and acting with Dergue mentality for they were line officers during Mengistu’s Regime and strongly brain washed by the then ideology of Mengistu; Ethiopia, one country ,one leader, that leader, Mengistu !!!This latent knowledge of them is haunting the brain of these Wayane Generals .It is this Mengistu’s and fore runners ideology that they are promoting .They are ushering new forms of Nefxenyaa to Oromia , but I am quite sure that no single Oromo son and daughter will accepts such a Trajan horse to continue slavery in the lands of Oromia.

General Hailu Gnfa, when speaking on ESAT, I remember he was paralleling Oromo National Struggle with  a person who sets fire on ones house. Though he was with OLF for some moment he has no the faintest idea about the essence of Oromo National Struggle. Oromo National struggle for freedom is a part and the parcel of a struggle for peace, democracy equality and fraternity. It is not to set fire on Horn of Africa but on the contrary struggling to  bring peace and stability based on equality and brotherhood. In fact what the general was speaking on ESAT did not attract any body let alone Oromo people at large. Those Generals and their followers are in fact strangers to Oromo Struggle for freedom. They are more of Ethiopian’s for they have finished their life serving the anti People’s Movement ,the Ethiopian Empire state. Therefore it is impossible for them to stand and to speak for Oromo National Freedom. Generally those Generals are not legitimate to amend OLF’S political program for if need be it is OLF Conference Meeting that can amend the entire program.

What is currently happening in some chauvinist group is orchestrating the political ignorance of Kamal Galchu and Hailu Gonfa is on the scene of their Mass media. There is nothing genuinely in it, but they are dreaming their forefathers system of ruling system in which many Nations and Nationalities in Ethiopian Empire had been suffering for centuries.

G7 is busy in dividing Oromo for its hidden agenda of seeking the Ethiopian Unitary state even in destroying the existing the currently formed boundary national and regional states of people, including Oromia. Every thing is going to be reversed. According to plan of G7 there will not be Oromia even as a national and regional state. All that bloodsheds of Oromo sons and daughters were for nothing. How funny it really is? According to G7 and Wayane Generals in the near future if they are successful in their dream, Oromia would be forced to get rid of her sons and daughters who went through the current educational curriculum, learnt and graduated in Oromo language for 20 years consecutively. How many are they?  Kill them?  Export them? Or what to do with these our bloods, youth, Oromos ? If, according to G7 and the splinters view a ‘UNITARY GOVRNMENT’ of ,the old form of Haileselassie’s and Miniliks’ ruling system  established. What if Ethiopia, one country one people system emerge again Where do they work and live?. This will never happen again, on our dead body!!

May be Dr.Brhanu Nega’s concern is about his ethnic, Gurage. This exploded society is everywhere in Ethiopia, working and earning their bread. His worry is if Oromia gets its freedom the condition of his people might be under question. This should not worry Dr. Brhanu for Oromia will not go out of the world order. We accommodate all people in Oromia as per the rule and regulation of the people in the world. They can work and live peacefully with their Oromo brothers and sisters; just the way Dr.Brhanu is living in America now.

 Above all, I liked this moment. May be it is a turning point for genuine Oromo to come to their sense and stand together. There is nothing hidden in the move of G7 and the Wayane Generals/splinters of OLF. They stand together hand in hand to bring Oromo National Struggle to Zero. They are going to snatch all achievements we have gained through our struggle so far . It is therefore we have to protect our achievement and proceed forward for better victory in UNITY. Those who are for freedom, it is time for you to Unite.



I thank you

Oromiyyan Ni Bilisoomti!!!


Qabsoofiin Manabayee

20/01/2012 Uganda-Kampala  




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