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Oromo Studies Association 2013 Annual Conference Videos

Published in 2013, OSA - Archived on November 4th, 2013

The following videos are from the Oromo Studies Association (OSA) 2013 Annual Conference (held in Washington DC at the Howard University on August 3 and 4.

OSA 2013 (Day 2): Keynote Address of Dr Trevor Trueman


OSA 2013 (Day 2): Panel 6 – Oromummaa in Theory and Action

Gadaa.comAsafa Jalata (Chair)
Gadaa.comTesfa Guma: Oromo Introspection (Of Ilaalee Oromoo)
Gadaa.comAbera Tefera: Qooda Oromummaan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Keessatti Qabu (The Role of Oromummaa in Advancing Oromo National Liberation Struggle)
Gadaa.comAhmed Hussein: Tolerance as a Prerequisite for Oromummaa to Flourish
Gadaa.comHaile Hirpa: Compatibility of Oromtittii and Oromticha

OSA 2013 (Day 2): Panel 7 – Land Grab in Ethiopia with Emphasis on Oromia

Gadaa.comGobena Huluka (Chair)
Gadaa.comGaroma Bekele: Land Grab and Human Rights in Ethiopia
Gadaa.comMelkamu Jate (Couldn’t Attend the Conference), Habtamu Dugo, and Joanne Eisen (Jiituu) (Joint): Countering Land Grabs by Establishing a Data Bank of Customary Land Ownership Rights of Indigenous Peoples

OSA 2013 (Day 2): Panel 8 – Media, Film, and Education: a Transnational Approach

Gadaa.comSteve Thomas: Transnational Education
Gadaa.comMohammed Ademo: Media Outreach and the State of Journalism Among the Oromo
Gadaa.comDhaba Wayessa: Hollywood and Finfinnewood: International Partnerships for Building Skills in Media and Film
Gadaa.comArijeta Lajka: The Aggressive Nature of the Media and Changing Perceptions on Oromia and Ethiopia

  OSA 2013 (Day 2): Panel 9 – Ethiopia’s Unhealthy Health Policy in Oromia

Gadaa.comMesfin Abdissa (Chair)
Gadaa.comBegna Dugassa: History of Public Health in Oromia (1890 – 1920)
Gadaa.comIbrahim Elemo: The Human Cost of Cholera Outbreaks in Ethiopia. Why Secrecy and Who Is to Blame?

OSA 2013 (Day 2): Panel 10 – Religion, Nationalism and the Oromo National Movement

Gadaa.comGemetchu Megerssa (Chair): Waaqefanna: Following the Path of Waaqa
Gadaa.comEzekiel Gebissa: Protestantism and the Formation of Modern Oromo Nationalism; A Study of Agency and Transformation
Gadaa.comJawar Mohammed: The Oromo National Movement and Religions: Interaction and Interdependence

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Oromo Guddifachaa Ceremony (Jitu & Roba)

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Opening Ceremony

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Panel 1 – Revisiting and Retrieving Gadaa Civilization for Developing Oromummaa

Gadaa.comAsafa Jalata (Chair): Gadaa as the Fountain of Oromummaa and the Theoretical Base of Oromo Liberation
Gadaa.comHarwood Schaffer: Indigenous Oromo Religious Values
Gadaa.comDaniel Ayana: Moisture as a Source of Life: Environment and Religion Among Classical Oromo
Gadaa.comMekuria Bulcha: The Irreecha Festival: From a Suppressed Tradition to a Vibrant Pan-Oromo Movement
Gadaa.comLubee Birru: Duula Guutuu: 1522-1830

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Panel 2 – Revisiting Key Epochs and Episodes in the Oromo National Struggle

Gadaa.comGuluma Gemeda (Chair)
Gadaa.comZakia Posey: The Years Sky Opened up: A look at the Legacy of the Watershed Era of Oromo Resistance from 1963-1973
Gadaa.comTaye Nedhi: The Contrast between the Derg Villagization and Woyane Land Looting
Gadaa.comDirribi Demisse: The History of Madda Walaabu and Macca Tuulama
Gadaa.comKadiro Elemo: The Wallo Oromo under Tewodros and Yohannes

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Panel 3 – Liberating Voices: Historical and Contemporary Forms of Women’s Empowerment

Gadaa.comPeri Klemo (Chair): Malicious Monarch or Our Mothers’ Muse?: The Myth of Mote Qorqee
Gadaa.comTsehai Wodajo: Passing the Torch: Cultural Ways of Knowing and Empowerment Practices of Oromo Women
Gadaa.comKuwee Kumsa: Songs of Exile: Singing the Past into the Future

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Panel 4 – U.S. Foreign Policy in Ethiopia and Its Repercussions for the Oromo

Gadaa.comMohammed Hassen (Chair)
Gadaa.comKadiro Elemo: The U.S. Foreign Policy on Ethiopia During the Era of Emperor Lij Iyyasu to Haile Sillase
Gadaa.comHabtamu Dugo: U.S. Interventions and Conflict in Multinational Ethiopia

OSA 2013 (Day 1): Panel 5 – The Oromo Experience of Violence over Time

Gadaa.comBonnie Holcomb (Chair)
Gadaa.comGemetchu Megersa: The Rule of Violence in Ethiopia
Gadaa.comTrevor Trueman: South Africa: Sanctuary at a Price
Gadaa.comGaroma Bekele: Violence Against the Oromo Today
Gadaa.comHussein Ahmed, Fayera Nagara, Abebe Etana (Joint): Testimony from Torture Survivors


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