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         When it rains for others, why it always trickles down for Oromo?


In the last 120 years the Oromo people are forced to suffer under the successive Habasha rulers. Tewodros, Yohanis, Menlik, Zewuditu, Haileselase, and Meles Zenawi. Now we are ready to continue the next era of colony with Halilemariam Desalegn and Demeke Mekonin. Nothing is new for Oromo people also now. It is incredible that OPDO which represents the Oromo majority in EPRDF was ignored by minority groups. EPRDF political machinery which was designed by TPLF doesn’t care power share and wealth share. In the last two decades woyane ruled the country by Lion share policy. The total political power was controlled by Tigrian minority groups. Meles Zenawi ruled  Ethiopia for 21 years by absolute totalitarian. His party controlled the main political positions in the country like foreign affairs, Defence, security, finance, investment, endowment, bank, aviation, air force and so on. This indicates well that there is no justice and equality in Ethiopia. The representation of OPDO in EPRDF is nominal. Even if the high percentage of the country income comes from the resources of Oromia  the majority of  the budget every year goes to develop Tigry while the Oromiya region was starved  by famine and undeveloped.  The Oromo opposition groups in the country are also very weak to bring any change. Negasso Gidada is confused, Merera Gudina is just like a joker in a set of playing card in Ethiopia parliament for two decades. The Oromo liberation Front (OLF) which struggles for self determination of Oromo people is also badly affected by organizational deficit and internal conflict in the last two decades. It is very difficult for OLF unless it resolves all the conflicts and come to compromise with OLF factions to tackle the current political situation. Other free Oromo organizations in Diaspora are obliged to work hard among oromo communities to increase the awareness of Oromo nationalism for self determination of Oromo people. Oromo elites should come together to lay down a roadmap vision for free and democratic Oromyia. In connection to this, the Oromo Diaspora should also support the oromo liberation struggle heartedly and wisely by avoiding small ideological difference for the betterment of our nation. Therefore it’s the choice of every Oromo individual and Oromo political organization to struggle hard to remove the Habasha colony forever. Otherwise it will trickle down for us always, when it rains for others.




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