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Appeasing Muslims; Jawar's distortion of history.

In the past, we questioned the legitimacy of localist identities and luckily localism is gradually dying after runing it's natural course. Now we are dealing with Religion which it's legitimacy is not only  questionable but it's impact is evil and divisive for the reason the humanity knows.  Our second challenge is "Ethiopianism" which it's confusing power is as evil as religion.

Obol Oda Jilo's questioning about the divisive role religion plays is not only reasonable but it is appropriate the list to say. As to Jawar and his likes behavior, such an erratic behavior can only  explained by Rooba's description.  "The American teen age attitude".  I have witnessed Jawar shifting from nationalist to Ethiopianist and then from Oromo centered stance to nation builder and now to religious.  I would say it is time for Jawar and others to take concert position instead of jumping from one thing to the other.

Personally, I cannot think of anything more divisive to humanity than religion. I mean, I don't know how it does it but I know religion damages individuals brain to the degree of making them bark like a trained Dog. I have seen tens of thousands crying for Jesus when they testify that Jesus was killed for them more than 2000 years ago.   Similarly, the so called Muslims start every word that comes out of their mind by praying for Mohamed. 

Witnessing this madness, I have arrived at the conclusion that the so called religious men and women are absolutely stuck in a deep fear and thus they will never change no matter what.  They will never change regardless of time, place, or circumstances. Their brain is already programmed in their fictitious eternal truths, the truth the the Arab and the Jews fanatical principles programmed them with.

 This is to say that wether it is Jawar or Ali, Husen or Kadija, Isreal or Dawit  said it, the reality of the so called religious people will remain the same as it had been yesterday, today, and it will remain the same forever or until they are dead. The worst thing about these people is that their borrowed religious values contradicts with the Oromo value and thus regardless of how one describes religion, religious organization effort is all about affecting public policy and allow religious values to become the value of our people. AlIl Tahad, Alqaeda, Taliban and other tens of thousands of religion sect groups war is not any different from the so called the Ethiopian Muslim movement. If there is any difference, it will be in the strategy of their struggle.  

So, there is no need to debate wether or not religion is right or wrong or which religious sect has more members or not. In my opinion, the fundamental matter that we all need to focus on should be the evil role religion plays in destroying the value of  the indigenous  population. Looking at religion from such point of view, Jawar or any one do not have moral ground to narrate the history of slavery nor they have the right to speak of the Oromo liberation movement since their agenda is clearly shows their day dream to build the Arab value on the destruction of the Oromo values. 

Coming back to the comments some of you have made regarding the subject matter here, I am very surprised that some of you dare to equate communism to religion. Communism never aimed to destroy indigenous cultures but it built them. Communism is all about human equality but religion is all about the promotion of the superiority of the Whites and the Arabs. Communism never said that black people are Devil but religion did and still does. We have known black Devils and White Angles or White Gods such as Jesus and his mother Marry. 

 Religion denies the humanity of black people and the slave traders were the Arabs.   One must listen to Radio Afuura Biyya interview in which Dr. Tasgara Hirpho described the reason why our people had to join the Arabs and the Christians. According to Dr. Tasgara, since the Muslims do not buy someone who is Muslim, our people became Husein and Jamal in order to avoid the risk of being sold by the Arabs. 

At any rate, religion is irrelevant to human condition but communism was.   To be honest, I don't care if a fanatic Muslim or the Peenxee quunxee Markaatoo Quci balu thief  screams day in and day out about his religious party since he or she is expected to do so by their trainers. What bothers me is those who speak in the name of the Oromo people when in-fact their hidden objective is to help the Arabs value to maintain it's dominance. This has been the reason why Holly wars and Jihad were invented and they are still at it.  Today, White Europeans criss-crossing Oromia's villages from Jaldu to Gindabarat, from Nyamar to Guduru, from Borana to Kofale or Roobee or Gasaaraa or Ali in Balee thanks to the collapse of communism.  

I believe that these contrasting approaches of those who are fighting the Oromo value, while speaking in the name of the Oromo itself underline the whole religious goal in Africa and Latin America. The Europeans justification of invading and enslaving the black people has been that they did that to bring the light of Jesus christ to the savages (Gallas) and that is the arguments our own Arab trained religions cadres are making to day. I don't care wether it is Jawar or Mohamed, Kadija or Fatiya who works toward to the Arab goal of dominating us, they all mirror the attitudes and the opinions of the Arabs no matter how, when or where they expressed it.  The underlying difference between those fanatic Arabs in Oromia, in north Nigeria, Algeria, Somalia or Afghanistan is only approach though we are made to assume they are different.

But one thing is clear! One of the consequences of shifting one's stand or opinion so often only destroys the moral standard of those who shift with the shifting events. Yes! we know that fanatics have more determination and absolute conviction than those of us who are not sure wether we deserve dignity as human beings. However, this is 21st century not 12th century where any clever lair can get away with every lie he tells the naive society of that era. Further more, despite religious fanatics conviction to their blind faith, the majority Oromo is already started adhering to their original values and the legitimacy of religious establishment is gradually losing credibility. Hence, those who are advising us to avoid conflict with fanatics are contradicting this particular absolute reality of our time. 


Another interesting reality that we have to admit is that many unemployed people began to realize that they could get a greater profit if they join religious organizations. Why cultivate farm land and make so little after all the hard work they put in when it is possible to make ten fold of that by showing up at the so called church and play the role of an actor for few minutes.  Obviously, it is foolish to try to halt such an opportunity in the given economic hardship our people are in today. 


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