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Exclusive Photos of J/ Abboomaa Mitikku, Martyr of April 15

Abboomaa Mitikku Brilliant and Outstanding OLF leader of the 1970-1980th  

April 13, 2012

The following exclusive photos, submitted to by an independent contributor, show J/ Abboomaa Mitikku (also known as J/ Abbaa Xiiqii Hinsarmuu), one of the founders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and a high-ranking National Council (Central Committee) Member of the OLF, at an Irreechaa ceremony in the late 1970′s. J/ Abboomaa Mitikku was among those martyrs on April 15, 1980 for the Oromo national liberation from the century-old Abyssinian colonization of Oromiyaa.

In those days, Irreechaa used to be a hidden event held away from local colonial security forces. Though the Oromo nation has come a long way from those darknest days through the blood and sweat of heroic Oromo nationalists, such as J/ Abboomaa Mitikku, the national struggle for freedom shall continue until victory with the unity of all Oromo nationalists (tokkummaa for bilisummaa!)

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The following is adopted from Miriam Makeba’s A Luta Continua (i.e. The Struggle Continues),

“My brothers and sisters, stand up and sing,
Abboomaa Mitikku is not gone,
ABO, ABO – your eternal flame,
Has shown us the light of dawn.

Oromiyaa, A luta continua,
A luta continua, continua, continua.”



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