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The intriguing wonder story on South African TV.

The South Africans were taken by surprise by the mind-blowing and intriguing story about the assassination attempt of Nelson Mandela in Ethiopia in 1962.

Capt. Guuta Dinqa was interviewed by the South African TV with Prof. Mamo Muche as an interpreter. However, I was disappointed how the Professor behaved during the interview. The Professor himself was too much excited and even forgot (or intentionally) to give chance the Capt. to answer the questions by himself. The lady was trying to hear the story from the Capt. himself. As an interpreter the Professor's duty was just to interpret the lady's question for the Captain and to interpret his answers for the interviewer. An interpreter is simply a person who translates what somebody is saying into another language and not the story teller himself even if he/she knew the story before.

Sometimes he even mixed up what Madiba's trainer Col. Fekade Wakene said as if Gen. Tadesse Biru said it because he didn't give a chance the owner of the story and the eyewitness to speak himself. He jumped into telling his own version of the distorted story and didn't give a chance even the interviewer to raise more questions.
We have seen before how the Captain eloquently narrated the true story on Seifu Fantahun's Ebs talk show program. The English saying" to take the wind out of somebody's sails" or the Amharic saying "Chuhaten kemugn" exactly fits here.

The interview after the break is not included in this video clip. I hope the role of Col. Fekade Wakene was also mentioned. It was nice if we could listen to the full interview. Our journalists should dig out the full interview.

The other thing that saddened me so much is that this honorable man whom the whole nation is proud of, appeared on a talk show entertaining TV in Ethiopia, while he was interviewed with great interest by the South African National TV. I stand corrected if this man was already appeared on ETV and told his true story to the Ethiopian people from which everybody can learn a lesson.

When one selfish Abesha was paid to convince the Captain to assassinate the Great Man, this Captain protected his countries good name and also saved South Africa from the catastrophic civil war as a consequence of Mandela's assassination. We can simply say: "A prophet is not without honor in his own country".

Please miss not to watch the video on Ethiomedia, or follow the link below.



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