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 The New war against the Oromo people, the case of Ginbot 7 by Rundassa Eshete

The essence of colonialism has always been the same: subversion of targeted nations in America, Asia and Africa, amalgamation of striking different nations, and accommodation of diverse nations within improper, fake states that are good enough to prevent true and authentic nation building process as it happened in Europe. If the Danes had the right to Denmark, the Oromos did not and ́could ́ not have the right to Oromia. This is the colonial  ́logic ́.
The method by which this was achieved was highly criminal as it involved the systematic selection and extensive corruption of otherwise pathetic individuals deprived of strong principles and moral values; in exchange with enormous promises but infinitesimal delivery, namely minimal material benefits, such as money, socio-professional promotion, and ludicrous flatter, these individuals undertook the colonial patchwork ́s greatest part, gravely damaging their own nations in the process.
Little matters whether the methodically selected and ingeniously utilized, corrupt individuals belong today to an independent state or to a subjugated nation (Algeria or Oromia, Pakistan or Kabylia, Kenya or Baluchistan, and so on); in either cases they are reprovable renegades whose acts are detrimental not only to their own nations but to the entire world.

The Kushitic Oromos have been particularly targeted by the 19th century Anglo-French colonialism, and the Western colonial capitals. The authenticity of their millennia long civilization, the originality of their culture, and above all, the impenetrability of their sophisticated social structure and system were more than enough reasons for the colonial powers to doom them within a barbarous state (falsely named Ethiopia) that did everything needed to destroy the paradisiacal Oromo world, which was a tremendous threat for the Western European, Freemasonic Hell.
To perpetrate the extinction of the Oromo Nation with minimal (and if possible no) losses for the English colonial machine, the Amhara - Tigray Abyssinian kingdom was effectively utilized; incredible promises were offered about the Anglo-French acquiescence on the eventuality of anAbyssinian invasion of the Oromo kingdoms, a multitude of guns were sold at almost no price, a real arms embargo on all Oromo states was secretively imposed, and every Oromo massacre by the invading Abyssinian armies was met with the silence of the guilty connivers.
The Amhara – Tigray invasions of the Oromo kingdoms were the world ́s most inhuman, most evil, and most bestial Genocide. In fact, this was the Genocide par excellence. A few years after it occurred, the Russian explorer Alexander Bulatovich who traveled and spent three years in Abyssinia, wrote in his book  ́From Entotto to the River Baro ́ (1897) the following: "...... The dreadful annihilation of more than half the population during the conquest took away from the Galla all possibility of thinking about any sort of uprising....... "

More on the subject can be found here:

The Oromo Genocide Solemnly Confessed by Official Russian Explorer in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)
After the appalling atrocity took place, the criminal Amhara elites realized that, to continuously repress every act of Oromo insurgence and to duly rob the natural resources of the invaded lands, they had to settle among the persecuted Oromos to further worsen everything pertaining to Oromo identity and national integrity. This meticulous plan constitutes the second stage of the Oromo Genocide, and it was evidently worse than the first, because it lasted (not just a few years but) more than a century, involving an infinite number of persecution practices and acts of the utmost criminality – all perpetrated by the evil Amhara settlers, and the central administration of the inhuman colonial state.
The settlers became known as nafxagna. This word describes the world ́s worst and most unrepentant criminals, those for whom Humanity is No 1 Enemy.
The inhuman Nafxagna are still among us; they may be smiling for a furtive moment, they may appear friendly, cooperative, and compassionate.

It is all part of their nature; hypocrisy, mendacity, duplicity, bullying, cowardice, premeditated lies, intentional and systematic evilness. The target is one: use of power to serve their inhuman dreams about a huge state within which numerous nations will be monstrously absorbed, villainously depersonalized, and irrevocably annihilated in order to bring forth the Satanic Freemasonic dream of an incestuous, Anti-Christian and Anti-Islamic, pseudo-nation named Ethiopia.
This fake, filthy, and counterfeit Ethiopia – for which so many dozens of millions of people of different ethnic backgrounds are threatened with extinction – serves the Freemasonic eschatological and messianic aberration in order to position the Freemasonic pseudo-christ as Jesus in a hypothetical second coming. The vicious plan consists in a highly conscious attempt to theatrically stage manage a false replica of Biblical prophecies that are – all – heralding the extermination of the Freemasonry (called Mother of the Harlots in John ́s Revelation); by creating this fake reality, Freemasons are foolish enough to believe that they can thus possibly avoid the irreversible, forthcoming extinction of their evil, global organization. The game is of colossal dimensions and only this reality can explain the globally imposed silence about all things Oromo; an Oromo national revolution and secession would turn Freemasons ́ hopes of survival and prevalence to ashes.
For this reason, nafxagnas ́ children are highly promoted by the Freemasonic establishments of WashingtonLondon and Paris. Wherever and whenever found, they are greatly subsidized, efficiently supported, and highly acclaimed. The several generations of the nafxagna have always been the backbone of the evil administration of Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia); the Freemasonic regimes are fully aware of the fact that with the nafxagna ruling Abyssinia, the most monstrous, the most bestial, and the most inhuman methods will be unquestionably employed in order to ensure the continuation of the evil state that serves their hidden targets and antihuman dreams.  In this regard, an efficient balance has been instituted, and the nafxagna have served the Ethiopianist Crime from two different types of positions; some are hired inside the criminal colonial state in the state machine. Other nafxagnas are happy to be appointed in the fake opposition that a fake country like Ethiopia can possibly have. It ́s all about a theatrical scheme whereby the two parts are not truly opposite to one another but complementary of each other.
In the same way, some Amhara nafxagnas settled in occupied Oromia, let ́s say in Bishoftu, other Amhara nafxagnas are forcefully imposed as interlocutors and partners of the Oromo Diaspora, let ́s say Berhanu Nega. How nice! Having garnered the support of many colonial circles in Europe and America, Berhanu Nega is fully aware of the fact that his role will not been successfully executed, unless he successfully infiltrates various Oromo organizations in the Diaspora to hypocritically call them to cooperate with his racist Ginbot 7 party, and thus trigger another calamitous polarization and ominous schism among the Oromo Diaspora.
Ginbot 7 represents for the Oromos a grave threat of extinction, a far more alarming menace than gangster Meles Zenawi. Racist, Ethio-fascist Ginbot 7 is for the Oromos the measure of a lethal embrace. Under the execrable mask of a democrat or a democratically elected mayor, Berhany Nega is Africa ́s lurking Hitler who, if given the opportunity, will undertake the final solution for all East Africa ́s subjugated nations and the most methodic and unprecedented extinction of the Oromos.
Instead of trusting the systematic lies of this son of nafxagna gangsters from Bishoftu, his birth city in Occupied Oromia, one should rather go through Ginbot 7: Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy Mission Statement (see below) whereby the next East Africa gas chambers are solemnly announced. In the ca. 400 words long text, the word "identity" is not mentioned even once. Of course, if this happened in Slovenia, no one would be concerned with.
But in the occupied land of the Oromos whereby the historical name of a town, let ́s say Bishoftu, was peremptorily turned to Debre Zeyit, only National Identity and National Justice really matter.

And nation means common language, culture, behavioural system, moral values, and past; and Berhanu Nega ́s Amharas have nothing to share with the Oromos except the Genocide they perpetrated against them.
And the imposition of an Amhara name instead of the original and rightful Oromo name does not reflect any democratic attitude, and quite unfortunately the nafxagna gangsters ́ son, Berhanu Nega, did not bother to denounce the fact or at least express his idea on the subject (if he happens to have any).
All that matters for Berhanu Nega ́s Ginbot 7 is the preservation of the colonial state that emerged from successive genocides and managed to survive only thanks to ceaseless persecution, monstrous tyranny, and utmost inhumanity.
This cannot possibly be the interest of either the Oromos or any other subjugated nation. That ́s why only renegades, apostates, traitors and corrupt individuals would invite the alien and unrepentant son of Amhara nafxagnas in any event they may organize.
The only way for the Oromos to survive is to delve into the Oromo Identity; for this to be done, there is no need for a vicious and unrepentant Amhara swindler or a CIA promoted apostate Oromo. On the subject, I will expand further in a forthcoming article; I herewith republish the "vision" and "mission" statements of the Ginbot 7 anti-Oromo hysteria.



 If the push comes to shove, OPDO is a dozen times better than Ginbot 7 and Kamal Galchu's group who joined them. Call that a choice of the lesser evil if you may. If there is a war between OPDO and Ginbot 7, I will definitely support OPDO. Ginot 7 will destroy the Oromo nation much more than the hired servants of the Tigrean hegomony, OPDO.




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