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Finfinne versus Brussels differentiate the real democracy from fake democracy o


Oromia (Africa) with 40 million inhabitants.       Belgium with 10.5 million inhabitants.

By Baro Keno Deressa April 1, 2015

My intention with this paper is not to write the history of Finfinne (Addis ababa) and Brussel, But to oppose the puppet of TPLF with so called diaspora Oromo and to emphasize the total absence of democracy and humanity under TPLF rule. The second message is to call all true Oromo’s to stop infighting and focus on bitter struggle with concrete message.  

The history of Finfinne (Addis Ababa) in a way reflects the way the Oromo people were conquered, robbed off their land and properties, reduced to serfs and slaves, and kept under inhuman subjugation. Prior to colonization of Oromia, the present day Addis Ababa had an Oromo name – Finfinne.

The name attests the abundance of hot springs (“hora” in Oromiffa) at the heart of the city. The area was solely inhabited by Oromo clans of Gulale, Eekka, Galan, Abbichu.

During the late 18th and early 19th Century, the neighbouring Amhara community were wedging incessant predatory raids and looting expeditions against these people. Some of these barbaric raids were documented by Major W. C. Harris a British diplomatic mission in his book “The Highlands of Aethiopia (1844)”.

Finfinne was once a land that exclusively belonged to the Oromo people. After conquest, Oromo clans, who settled on this land, were evicted — their culture was destroyed and replaced by an identity that’s alien to the Oromo. Those who remained in the city adopted a new identity, language and religion — fully assimilating to a different social structure. Those who managed to keep their identity as Oromos faced social, economic and political marginalization and discrimination.

The Ethiopian Constitution also acknowledges the ‘special interest’ of Oromia regional state under Art 49(5) because Finfinne is an Oromo land. However, more than two decades after the Constitution was adopted, there is not even a single public school that provides education in Oromo language let alone enabling the Oromo people to partake in the administration of the city.  

Successive Ethiopian governments have attempted to completely eradicate the existence and the identity of the Oromo people and other southern nations and nationalities.  Particularly indigenous Oromo's living in the surroundings of Finfinne has suffered the most and was made landless consequently forced for resettlement in a hostile environments. Gross abuses of human rights are common place on Oromo's in and around Finfine for they are the natural owners of the country from the time immemorial. The brutal activity of the rulers who all come from the north have aggravated  and reached a level where human right abuses are a daily ordeal of the Oromo community in general.  If these inhuman activity of the Government of Ethiopia is not averted in time, it  could lead to a kind of genocide seen in parts of Africa like Darfur or Rwanda. Genocide of similar nature has already taken place in western parts of Ethiopia against the people of  Gambella and Anuak as witnessed by the world community.

Belgium was put together in 1830-31 by the international powers as a political compromise and an experiment in building one state out of two nationalities. It consists Dutch-speakers in Flanders, its northern half bordering the Netherlands, French-speakers in Wallonia, its southern half bordering France, and capital Brussels, which is also the capital of the European Union. Throughout its entire history Brussels was a Dutch speaking town, until the middle of the last century, turning it into a predominantly French-speaking city.

The most recent election (13 June 2010) was fought mainly on the failure to resolve the conflict over the electoral arrondissement of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (BHV). The conflict centered on political and linguistic differences in the arrondissement, with the Flemish desiring to split the arrondissement into two separate areas, while the Walloons wish to keep it together.

All the crisis were solved through civilized negotiation and true democratic rule without any bloodshed and destruction after 541 days. In September 2011, a compromise deal was finally reached on BHV. In October 2011, the final details of the state reform were finally agreed upon.

The new government was sworn in on 6 December 2011. This brought the Belgian government formation to a conclusion after 541 days. But TPLF fake democracy is murder, terror, imprisonment, torture and destruction if you are not agree with their one way destructive policy (listen recent Abbaay Tsahaayyee voice on finfinne master plan and eviction of Oromo peoples from their land). 

Finfinne and Brussel communication:

Finfinnee (Brussel ask finfinne)

  • Could you describe your location? In the heart of Oromia and capital of international affairs like African Unity (AU)
  • Why you expands at the costs of indigenous people (Oromo)? because abbaay Tsahaayyee -TPLF wants to destroy evidence of all kinds of my identity.
  • Could you speak your language officially?  no neo-nefxanya forbidden any form of my identity, oppress my language from official communication language, discriminate school in Afan Oromo and eliminate peoples who speaks my language from decision making places.
  • Why you change your name to AA?  nefxayna hate Oromo’s and Oromo names
  • Could you respect the will and freedom of your diversity? On the paper yes but in reality I have to speak TPLF language to survive until my WBO liberate me
  • What is your next plan? I couldn’t plan any useful for my people and my future but according to abbaay Tsahaayyee -TPLF eradicate Oromo’s from inside and neighbor and create Tigro-nefxanga rule.

Brussel: (Finfinne ask Brussel)

  • Could you describe your location? In the heart of Flanders and capital of international affairs like European union (EU).
  • What is your plan for expansion? No plan, my people were negotiated thorough democratical rule and civilized way and stop my expansion.
  • Could you speak your language officially?  Yes, officially my name is bilingual Brussels, so we speak French and Dutch.  
  • Did you change your name? No we believe in equality of all human races and respect every identity. 
  • Could you respect the will and freedom of your diversity? Absolutely yes. We believe in freedom, democracy and rule of law.
  • What is your next plan?  Best education for all habitants, guarantee equality and freedom for all my people, respect each other and respect rule of law.  

Finfinne I am touched with your suffering in the hand of brutal abbaay Tsahaayyee TPLF: Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.To encourage you let me quote Mahatma Gandhi word:

Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day: 
- I shall not fear anyone on Earth.  
- I shall fear only God.  
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.  
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.  
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”

Concrete actions:

  • Exposing chameleon among us through social media and all kinds of communication.
  • Ready for a bitter struggle against injustice (We have to contribute all kinds of support for our struggle to accelerate our freedom and stop all forms of in fight between Oromos and deny to be puppet).
  • Support all organized demonstration in finfinne against landless and master plan.
  • Create millions of strategy for continuation of organized protest in finfinne against landless and master plan.
  • Media groups during their invitation to all Oromo’s for discussion of interview, they have to ask those peoples about their contribution in ongoing struggle against colonization and future plan of contribution. If we do that at least we can encourage our peoples and we can demoralize our enemies and their puppet.
  • Oromo’s around the world has to open new forms of strategy in order to form a well-organized community through diagnostic method and therapeutic decision algorithm. In medical words: If the disease is localized of limited the therapy is not so complicated. But if the disease is metastatic the therapies needs multidisciplinary approach (surgery, radiotherapy, oncologist, internist, gastroenterologist, pneumologist…). So, Oromo problem looks like metastatic ones so all community around the world try to look at his community and sort out:

-Opportunists who looks for money and power

-Ignorant who always complain without any minor contribution

-Enemies with sheep skin between us

-Puppet who carries enemy destructive agenda and singing with our enemy (like diaspora Oromo of TPLF)

-Enemies hidden under social media with destructive propaganda

If we make the diagnosis the therapy would be easier and we can eliminate easily the diseases (enemy of freedom) and accelerate our struggle.

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