Sudan and the Oromo Nation are the Natural Allies against the Abyssinian TPLF Ethiopianist Tyranny

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
In four articles titled "Opposition Party Offices Closed in Fake Ethiopia Elections, MP Dr. Jigi Demekssa Reveals" (, "MP Dr. G. Jigi Demekssa Calls US, EU: Support to Fake Ethiopia Contradicts All Democratic Ideals" (, "There Are No Elections but Real War in Ethiopia Today, Denounces MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa" (, and "MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa: Task of Every Oromo is the Elimination of the Abyssinians from Oromia" (, I published several parts of an interview that I was honoured to have with the leading Oromo parliamentarian, Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa. In the present article, I publish the fifth part of Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa´s interview which will be completed with the next article.

Dr. Demekssa was forced to leave his country and fight from abroad for freedom, liberation, national independence and secession of Oromia. Dr. Demekssa´s revelations should become a matter of utmost concern for international bodies, governments, statesmen and politicians, diplomats and intellectuals, journalists and Human Rights activists worldwide.

The forthcoming electoral fraud in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) is a Shame for the Mankind in its entirety. Reaction must be taken in order to hold responsible and accountable the perpetrators of the electoral fraud, who are also charged with the most odious Crime against the Mankind: the diffusion of the racist theory of Ethiopianism, the falsehood of an Ethiopian nation within which they intentionally attempt to exterminate once forever more than 15 different African nations with great past and noble traditions.

Interview with Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa – Part 5

OFDM Executive Committee Member

Head of the Political and Organizational Dept.

MP for Ethiopian Federal Parliament

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

21. Do you expect developments in the Sudan (South, Darfur, Kordofan, etc.) to affect Abyssinia?

Yes, any change in the Sudan can affect or exercise pressure or influence on Ethiopia; unfortunately, the Sudanese government has failed so far to realize the secret cooperation between the US , EU governments, and the racist Abyssinian tyranny, which poses a major threat for Sudan´s existence, and consists in a real conspiracy for the outright majority of the East African peoples and ethno-religious groups.

More precisely, to give you an example, at the moment, the TPLF regime has been involved in the South Sudan, acting as an agent for the US, and providing training, logistic and political support to groups that want to secede from Khartoum and offer South Sudan´s rich natural resources to Western companies, multinationals and conglomerates. The criminal Tigray Mafia that rules the colonial state of Ethiopia plans to extract some profit in the process.

Despite the fact, the Sudanese government has not reacted as it should in order to protect the Sudan´s national interests. Sudan could effectively and irreversibly outmanoeuvre the US, EU and Ethiopian machination and energetically demolish Ethiopia by offering great support to the OLF.

In fact, the Oromo Nation and the peoples of Sudan share a common Hamitic – Kushitic History, Culture, and above all, socioeconomic and political interests of the utmost importance.

Contrarily, neither the peoples of Sudan nor the Oromos and the other Hamitic – Kushitic or Nilo-Saharan peoples of the Ethiopian colonial tyranny have anything in common with the outcast Abyssinian tribes who – with the help of the colonial France and England – expanded in the late 19th century at the detriment of so many nations and ethno-religious groups.

Quite unfortunately, and despite the existing common need for cooperation and concert between Khartoum and the Oromo political leadership, the government of Sudan has properly speaking sold the Oromo Nation to the enemy of all the African nations in the name of the present, delusional stability and sustainable development that several intruders portrayed to the Khartoum authorities as real, thus deceiving the Sudanese.

Without freedom and liberation of the Oromos and without the emergence of an independent "Kushitic Republic of Oromo Ethiopia", there will never be peace, stability and sustainability in the wider Horn of Africa region. This reality must be made understood to the Western governments that have caused so many troubles to the entire African continent.
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22. Do you expect developments in Kenya (collapse of the governmental alliance) to affect Abyssinia?

The government of Kenya is a most corrupted authority; to judge upon its nature, there is not much difference between them; for PNU and ODM, what is at stake is neither constitutional nor political differences, but their respective leaders´ personal financial interests and their greed for money which leads them to corruption.

If you remember, after the last election and the subsequent death of thousands of people, what counted in the agreement for the coalition government were not the real hot issues, namely the people who lost their lives, Kenya´s possible democratization or the equitable socioeconomic development of the country, but about the different ministerial positions and the resources one can control from each of them.

People all over the world imagine Kenya is a peaceful country in East Africa, but there hasn´t been any significant development there because of the corruption. If at a certain moment the ODM decided to leave, this could lead to the breakdown of the coalition government. There would be a major political and constitutional crisis of course, but still Kibaki´s government would continue ruling the country.

Bonaya Adhi Godana (born September 2, 1952, in Dukana, Kenya and murdered April 10, 2006, in an air crash in Marsabit, Kenya) was Kenya´s foreign minister from January 1998 until 2001. From 2002 till his death in 2006, he was the deputy leader of the opposition KANU party. Except him, 13 other influential persons, doctors, generals and MP´s were also killed in that air crash. President Kibaki's Party of National Unity announced that it "would continue ruling as if nothing happened". According to different sources, the air crash was machinated by the Ethiopian and Kenyan security forces in close cooperation in order to eliminate the well educated, smart, and politically highly influential Oromos from the Kenyan government. The cause of the air crash was never really investigated by third parties that would issue an objective and impartial report. In Kenya, the corruption has become an inherent part of the culture starting from the presidential palace and reaching the small shop keepers.

23. Do you expect developments in Somalia (rise of the Shabaab in the South) to affect Abyssinia?

The Somali Shabaab and other groups do not have any relations with the racist and tyrannical Tigray administration of Ethiopia. The Somalis have been without government for ca. 20 years; their struggle to re-establish a national government in Somalia is absolutely rightful because every country and every nation have the right to form their own parliament, government and other institutions. In this case, the US and the Abyssinian dictator Zenawi wanted to put in place a puppet government to serve their interests and catastrophic plans for the entire region. The fake transitional federal government (TFG) of Somalia cannot bring any positive result for the brave Somali nation.

24. Do you expect developments in Eritrea (War with Abyssinia or Djibouti) to affect Abyssinia?

For Eritrea, a war with Djibouti is unnecessary; it can trigger regional destabilization and cause great damage for all the countries in the area, not just for one. The Abyssinian dictator Zenawi carried out a provocative propaganda for the dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti. The Eritrean government is not made of fools who want to trigger a war with Djibouti. Sometimes, the conflicts are due to external machinations and countries are pushed to war by the third parties, as it happened in the case of the First Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait. This is an unnecessary development that leads to impasse and disaster. Similar disputes and developments in the Horn of Africa region are promoted by lobbies and establishments that deploy every effort to divert and cancel the rightful struggle of the region tyrannized nations for freedom and national liberation. If unpredicted developments happen, we will be in front of a totally different situation.