MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa: Task of Every Oromo is the Elimination of the Abyssinians illegal occupant from Oromia land

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
In three articles published over the last few days under the title "Opposition Party Offices Closed in Fake Ethiopia Elections, MP Dr. Jigi Demekssa Reveals" (, "MP Dr. G. Jigi Demekssa Calls US, EU: Support to Fake Ethiopia Contradicts All Democratic Ideals" (, and "There Are No Elections but Real War in Ethiopia Today, Denounces MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa" (, I published the early parts of an interview that I was honoured to have with the leading Oromo parliamentarian, Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa. In the present article, I publish the fourth part of Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa´s interview which will be completed in several forthcoming articles.

Dr. Demekssa was forced to leave his country and fight from abroad for freedom, liberation, national independence and secession of Oromia. Dr. Demekssa´s revelations should become a matter of utmost concern for international bodies, governments, statesmen and politicians, diplomats and intellectuals, journalists and Human Rights activists worldwide.

The forthcoming electoral fraud in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) is a Shame for the Mankind in its entirety. Reaction must be taken in order to hold responsible and accountable the perpetrators of the electoral fraud, who are also charged with the most odious Crime against the Mankind: the diffusion of the racist theory of Ethiopianism, the falsehood of an Ethiopian nation within which they intentionally attempt to exterminate once forever more than 15 different African nations with great past and noble traditions.

Interview with Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa – Part 2

OFDM Executive Committee Member

Head of the Political and Organizational Dept.

MP for Ethiopian Federal Parliament

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

17. What should be the first concern for the Oromo opposition after the electoral fraud?

All the opposition parties must defend the voice of the Oromo people. In the 2005 election, when the people and the students started protesting against the electoral fraud and took to the streets, most of the leaders did not support the protesters, as it happened in Kenya or Zimbabwe. Worse, the renowned Carter Center that had sent observers announced that the election was fair; similarly, EU governments approved of this falsehood, with the only honourable exception of the European Parliament Deputy, Ms. Ana Gomes, the EU election mission head.

The 2010 election results are already known. What is left is to announce the margin of victory that the ruling party will decide to attribute to themselves in an effort to fully please their local and – mainly – foreign financiers.

As I am in continuous contact with my electoral basis and Oromos from any remote location in Occupied Oromia, I can share with you my data and my understanding of the situation. Throughout Oromia, 99% of the people are ready to give their support to the opposition parties. Similar is the situation in every other annexed territory and land, in Ogaden, in the Afar land, in Benishangul, and in the South. Tyrannized people throughout Abyssinia are also ready to defend their political volition by all means if the oppositions leaders are now ready to stand by their people up to the end.

Even without the support of the international community, the oppressed people of Ethiopia can oppose and turn down any governmental action taken against them. All the tyrannized people and their leaders must therefore be ready for all types of reaction.

18. Do you believe the Oromo opposition can offer a reliable alternative to the subjugated Oromo Nation?

This is our last chance to bring forth an alternative and to produce a fundamental change in the country, to put an end to the present situation and to make the freedom of every nation respected throughout Ethiopia. People throughout the colonial empire, and their leaders must be fully aware that the Ethiopianist gang around Meles Zenawi is not ready to proceed with the democratization of the country. This is so because any step toward democratization would automatically significant loss of power, financial benefits and security for this race-based gang. It is an illusion to imagine that the Tigray Mafia gang may be ready to lose (on annual basis) an income totalling billions of dollars, which is due to illegal monopolies guaranteed only by means of totalitarian power.

As far as the Oromo opposition parties are concerned, at this very moment, the possibilities are certainly limited, but if we all persist and demonstrate total commitment to our goal, we can open the path toward freedom and liberation, and in the process get support from abroad.

19. If not, what should they do in order to gain in terms of credibility and effectiveness?

We must fight; we must engage a frontal battle against TPLF. For all of us, the tyrannized nation of the Oromos, the only solution is to fight for our freedom and oppose all of our enemies. We have human resources, millions of people ready to liberate Oromia, so the gun we will get from our enemies themselves!

The most important point is to stop being fair about anything, to stop being the nation that pays sacrifices, to stop being a nation living under conditions of double slavery.

We are the only to liberate ourselves; a nation cannot be liberated by another nation, except to face another type of slavery. Real freedom is obtained only through total commitment to liberation – and this must be demonstrated by the suffering nation – not others.

I would also like to add that those who live on Earth without freedom will certainly fail to find peace in the Hereafter.
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Last year, I was in Atlanta, US, and I had the opportunity to deliberate with many of our leaders and intellectuals; I strongly recommended to them that we all Oromos have to be ready to sacrifice ourselves first, and thus give our youth the best example of how our National Liberation can be achieved. I find this far better than blaming one another for the wasted time that left our Nation without freedom.

Either in Occupied Oromia or abroad, my suggestion was only one, and it has never changed; every Oromo must eliminate all the occupants who are on the holy soil of our fatherland. Every Oromo has the national task to carry out whatever bravery it takes to physically eliminate every illegal occupant of our country.

The only way to liberate Oromia is the participation of the entire Nation in an overwhelming effort to make the physical presence of every Abyssinian occupant of Oromia leave our country or die.

The dynamics of this effort will be thunderous; few will start and soon all the rest will follow in precipitation.

This is the only path to Freedom: if every Oromo decides to eliminate – by any means and without caring for the consequences – one Abyssinian illegal occupant of our fatherland, our freedom and national liberation will be a dream come true. This happened in every country when the liberation struggle reached a culmination and brought forth the most desired result, the National Self-determination.

20. How do you evaluate the role of the Oromo Diaspora in the fight against Oromia´s occupation? Are you happy with it? What else would you suggest in this regard?

Today, the condition in which the Oromo Diaspora is found, and the actions that they undertake are for me more troublesome that the TPLF evildoings. Most of them deem correct to open a website and thence engage in interminable discussions and debates that damage the Oromo struggle and unity.

I have never encountered a similar situation back in Occupied Oromia; there we don´t know and cannot understand this sort of attitude. We are all One in our fight against the Ethiopianist regime of TPLF; there is no difference and there can´t be any division among us. Religion and clan matter not in Oromia. I still remember that back in 2006, Oromos of any faith and denomination, Muslims, Waaqeffataa and Christians prayed together in the same hall, in the same building.

At the time, the Abyssinian TPLF rulers were shocked because of the Oromo unity, and machinated an evil scheme to divide the Oromos as pr religion and clan in order to further exploit Oromia´s natural resources and extend the illegal occupation of our land. I must admit that, although the TPLF machinations failed totally throughout Occupied Oromia, they proved to be quite successful among the Oromo Diaspora. I can interpret this sad phenomenon in a way; as one can easily understand the Oromo Diaspora is constituted out of people who do not suffer anymore in the societies where they have been integrated, mainly in America, Europe, and Australia. Because of the rather relaxed life they enjoy, they fail to remember the situation they had lived in when back in Occupied Oromia, and they do not feel the extent of the Oromos´ suffering and the difficulties of the life in Occupied Oromia. I would however like to close this issue for the time being, and I would rather suggest to discuss this point after we liberate Oromia from our enemy.

I believe it is part of the national duty for the Oromo Diaspora to stop blaming the different Oromo organizations, movements and liberation fronts, as well as their leaders. Every Oromo, from any organization, from any position in a movement, did something positive for our struggle and truly nobody deserves the severe criticism and the extreme deprecation that I have at times noticed – with great sadness. All of them are ready to bring forth the changes that are needed, and the Oromo liberation depends on these changes whereto the Diaspora must contribute as well.

In addition, I believe that the Oromo Diaspora must realize that they have to make sacrifices, and give money, time and even their lives for the Freedom and the Liberation of our country.

It is absolutely unacceptable – and worse, it is totally un-Oromo and anti-Oromo – to see people ready to easily put the blame on many others, but unable to contribute to our national struggle even a tiny amount of money, let´s say US $ 10. This sort of people must stop immediately their tactics, useless and intentional criticism that generate an unnecessary environment helpful only to the enemies of the Oromo Nation. And any person who hasn´t slept even one night in the forest for our struggle for Oromia´s freedom is not entitled to open mouth criticism.

Our community back in Occupied Oromia and the Oromo Diaspora must reorganize and restructure themselves to fully and effectively adapt themselves to the needs of our liberation struggle and get prepared to undertake all it takes to physically eliminate or remove the last Abyssinian invader from the soil of Oromia.

My last suggestion in this regard is a recommendation to those Oromos from the Diaspora to read the articles published by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, and in particular the following, which is posted on our website ( "Oromo Action Plan for the Liberation of Oromia and the Destruction of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)". 1

Note 1

I want to express personally my gratitude to Dr. Demekssa for his recommendation of my article; to me these words have greater value than all the prizes and the awards a scholar can have in this world.