There Are No Elections but Real War in Ethiopia Today, Denounces MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
In two earlier articles published under the title "Opposition Party Offices Closed in Fake Ethiopia Elections, MP Dr. Jigi Demekssa Reveals" (, and "MP Dr. G. Jigi Demekssa Calls US, EU: Support to Fake Ethiopia Contradicts All Democratic Ideals" (, I published the first two parts of an interview that I was honoured to have with the leading Oromo parliamentarian, Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa. In the present article, I publish the third part of Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa´s interview which will be extended over several parts.

Dr. Demekssa was forced to leave his country and fight from abroad for freedom, liberation, national independence and secession of Oromia. Dr. Demekssa´s revelations should become a matter of utmost concern for international bodies, governments, statesmen and politicians, diplomats and intellectuals, journalists and Human Rights activists worldwide.

The forthcoming electoral fraud in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) is a Shame for the Mankind in its entirety. Reaction must be taken in order to hold responsible and accountable the perpetrators of the electoral fraud, who are also charged with the most odious Crime against the Mankind: the diffusion of the racist theory of Ethiopianism, the falsehood of an Ethiopian nation within which they intentionally attempt to exterminate once forever more than 15 different African nations with great past and noble traditions.

Interview with Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa – Part 2

OFDM Executive Committee Member

Head of the Political and Organizational Dept.

MP for Ethiopian Federal Parliament

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

14. Would you briefly express your viewpoint on all major political formations (parties, liberation movements) of the Oromo political life?

All Oromo political parties have contributed to the Oromo national struggle; mainly the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has been the organization that generated in the Oromo heart the belief that national liberation can be achieved. Its reputation proved to be wider than that of an average political party, and reached nation-wide appreciation and consideration.

But the Cause that led to the formation of the OLF, and the political mission that the great organization fixed for themselves goes far beyond the personal ambitions of one political leader or an ordinary political party. It is therefore a movement of national liberation, and as such it must function.

Every Oromo household has sacrificed at least one person´s life in this great struggle. The entire nation demonstrated absolute concern, total commitment and wholehearted devotion in supporting the national liberation struggle in every sense. We have learnt, and we are still learning from our mistakes.

All the types of socioeconomic, cultural, ideological, military and political struggle proved to be a true university for all of us, and we all thus clearly mirrored ourselves onto the National Oromo Soul, found our identity and specified the stages of our struggle.

Due to the totalitarian nature of the Abyssinian colonial regime, no one was allowed to teach Oromo history, culture, literature, religion and above all, Identity. Our Life and struggle taught us everything, and proved to be our real instructors.

It would be untrue and unjust to deny the historical fact that all the Oromos have supported the struggle for freedom and national liberation and worked effectively and efficiently in the path leading to Oromia´s National Independence and Self-Independence which will undoubtedly be a dream come true tomorrow.

There have been political parties, leaders and members who preferred to get engaged in the peaceful struggle for Oromia´s progress and ultimate liberation; they viewed this as amore realistic option or path, and in this no one should judge them as imperatively wrong. When it comes to a matter of the utmost significance, there can eventually be more than one option. They must however understand now that the TPLF-led regime is not ready to lose or even share its power peacefully. That´s why I believe that they should rather opt for an effective balance in their programs and view their contribution to the national struggle in more than just one manner.

At this point, I would like to draw the attention of international bodies, democratic governments, intellectuals, activists, mass media and every person concerned with the injustices done in Occupied Oromia that, in the population census undertaken by the dictatorial TPLF administration, the number of the Oromo natives throughout the country has been minimized almost by half.

The real, total number of the Oromo population, according to my own sources, the experts on whom I rely and their special calculations, slightly exceeds 50 million people; and I am referring only to Ethiopia, not Kenya.

There are several reasons for which the TPLF administration altered the census data and hid the correct figures; the fake reality about the subjugated nations that the TPLF administration want to publicize worldwide is only a minor reason.

The census alteration pertains also to the false proportions of Muslims, Christians, and other religions´ followers in Ethiopia that the CIA demands the TPLF administration to provide them with, in order to facilitate the confusion that the US administration has to diffuse in the Congress and the Senate before further pursuing their pro-Ethiopian policies.

Furthermore, the census alteration helps the TPLF administration adjust the federal budget to the false data, and thus allot more subsidies and grants to the Tigray region where they almost all originate from.
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For similar situations, a greater consensus is evidently needed. In my interview offered to Eritrea TV 2006, I called all East African liberation fronts and movements to come together, deliberate on all issues that are common to all of us, and make a consensus about our future by forming one umbrella organization – front and widening the scope of our struggle. This would bring us closer to the establishment of an independent Kushitic Oromo state in the Horn of Africa, and along with us, other Kushitic nations would also enjoy freedom and progress in their liberated lands. I think that recently the OLF has engaged in a similar project and I truly I hope we will succeed in this.

15. Many anticipate an electoral fraud and victory for the Tigray-controlled, governmental party; what do you estimate?

The 2010 election already finished before stating. If the main opposition party candidates are killed by TPLF gangsters in the daylight, how can possibly other candidates decide to participate in the election?

I would also ask you this: how can people get the right to vote for the opposition parties?

In the Abyssinian colonial state that is fallaciously named Ethiopia, there are no fair, honest and unbiased police forces. There are no independent and impartial judges. There are no free, unprejudiced, independent and fair-minded journalists and mass media. There is total absence of well-structured, capable and transparent institutions to monitor and criticize the sociopolitical events, denounce wrongdoings, and effectively protect the public interest and the rights of the unprivileged and the needy.

It is well known that race-based, TPLF agents with full support of the state can kill, and have actually killed, several opposition candidates; who could therefore possibly be ready to take the risk and present himself as a candidate of the opposition – or even vote for the opposition candidates?

It may be unknown to the rest of the world, because the world mass media systematically hide the truth and the reality which currently prevails throughout the country, but it is plainly known in Ethiopia that the race-based TPLF cadres have already warned at the local level both, candidates and voters, not to try to vote against the ruling party because this attempt would have grave consequences for them. Loss of land, property, children or one´s own life are some of the threats hinted at by the TPLF cadres.

At this very moment, the leaders and the members of OFDM are being targeted. As an example, I can mention Ms. Obse Abera Dirirsa, from my constituency Manasibu of the Kilitu Kara district, who was elected to the Oromia Parliament in 2005, when I was elected to the Federal Parliament. For the 2010 election, Ms. Dirirsa was nominated as candidate for the Federal Parliament to replace me. However, she was forced to exile by the extremely brutal and very menacing security forces, Similarly, my party secretary, Mr. Bekale Jirata, was also forced to exile because of the incessant harassment and grave persecution that he was met with.

I can narrate to you thousands of cases in order to clearly demonstrate that the TPLF fake elections of May 23, 2010 finished before they take place.

The criminal gangster, who impersonates the prime minister of a member state of the UN, Meles Zenawi, is not ready to lose or even share his absolute power; his words addressed to the outright majority of the country are not highly publicized abroad, but I can certainly translate for you some of his utterances.

Meles Zenawi says: "the group who want the power must go the forest and fight to achieve power".

The parody of elections that will take place in Abyssinia next Sunday constitute pure wastage of money and time; quite unfortunately and quite tragically, they also constituted a terrible loss of human life, How could it be otherwise?

Meles Zenawi was a guerrilla fighter who never struggled for democracy, never spoke of democracy, and never considered the option to rule a country democratically. His fight was due to his personal and tribal thirst for power and money, not for Freedom, Liberation, Democracy and Prosperity – either of the other subjugated nations of Abyssinia or his own. Human Rights, Civil Rights, Democracy, Humanity, and Civilization are merely a joke for Meles Zrnawi.

16. What should be the Oromos´ stance toward Zenawi´s electoral parody? Abstention? Participation? Demonstrations?

This issue depends of course on the cost that can bring forth the fundamental change that we all passionately desire. Abstention, participation or demonstration will not bring that change, election already finished 2009. I personally had the opportunity to take many lessons from my participation in the 2005 election, another fake event and shameful parody. My physical presence in the parliament was the reason for an incredible shock and unexpected landing to down-to-earth reality.

For me, if a parliament is like the Ethiopian Parliament, there is absolutely no need for it to exist, and it is better – for an oppressed nation – to know that officially only an one party parliament and government are acceptable (as it was at the times of the third world communist ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam). The reason I say this is that in the Ethiopian Parliament you can´t bring any change or improvement; even worse, you can´t say a single word. The parody of 2010 election in Ethiopia is necessary only in order to ensure that USAID money and support will be granted to the TPLF tyranny over the years ahead.