MP Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa Calls US, EU: Support to Fake Ethiopia Contradicts All Democratic Ideals

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
In an earlier article published yesterday under the title "Opposition Party Offices Closed in Fake Ethiopia Elections, MP Dr. Jigi Demekssa Reveals" (, I published the first part of an interview that I was honoured to have with the leading Oromo parliamentarian, Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa. In the present article, I publish a second part of Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa´s interview which will be extended over several parts.

Dr. Demekssa was forced to leave his country and fight from abroad for freedom, liberation, national independence and secession of Oromia. Dr. Demekssa´s revelations should become a matter of utmost concern for international bodies, governments, statesmen and politicians, diplomats and intellectuals, journalists and Human Rights activists worldwide.

The forthcoming electoral fraud in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) is a Shame for the Mankind in its entirety. Reaction must be taken in order to hold responsible and accountable the perpetrators of the electoral fraud, who are also charged with the most odious Crime against the Mankind: the diffusion of the racist theory of Ethiopianism, the falsehood of an Ethiopian nation within which they intentionally attempt to exterminate once forever more than 15 different African nations with great past and noble traditions.

Interview with Dr. Getachew Jigi Demekssa – Part 2

OFDM Executive Committee Member

Head of the Political and Organizational Dept.

MP for Ethiopian Federal Parliament

Chairman of Oromo Parliamentarians Council

9. Who are the major beneficiaries of this electoral process?

Meles Zenawi and the small circle of his tribal thugs only. The story of the Tigray land economic development constitutes another evidence of how the racist and rancorous Tigray tribal elites perceive the concept of "national development"; to them, economic development means exploitation of the natural resources of other provinces of the country, Oromia, South, Ogaden Afar, Benishangul, and subsequent investment in the arid and otherwise impoverished Tigray land, Instead of inciting their people to work on specific sustainable development projects, the rob others and bring the stolen wealth in Tigray land under the form of "investment in Ethiopia"! This is the way they obtain the support of the small tribal basis and the ensuing political benefits at the federal level.

The Tigray-controlled administration will also be the beneficiary of the electoral fraud in the sense that they offer a mask of legitimacy to the totally illegal and irrevocably invalid land grabbing; this policy has been deliberately pursued in order to ensure the vicious rise of the TPLF party business empire at the detriment of all the rest.

As of today, the small Tigray tribe assume full control of the entire country, because the country´s race-based administration placed Tigray ethnics in all the key positions of the apparatus, involving ministries, vice-ministries, embassies, the military, public organizations, industries and enterprises, federal and regional administrative posts, and the banks; as a matter of fact, they have been acting as a typical Mafia group.

Critical aid is granted to this Tigray Mafia by the US in exchange with the so-called cooperation against terrorism; this scheme is also supported by the European countries who accept US anti-terrorism policies with no reservation.

For this reason, I consider the Tigray Mafia, and all their American and European supporters as the enemy of the Oromo nation par excellence. It is a shame for the supposedly democratic countries of Western Europe and North America to tolerate the Tigray Ethiopianist administration´s atrocities and keep silent when it comes to the Oromo Question. If they were truly democratic nations, they would listen to the voice of Abyssinia´s outright majority, and to the cries of the tyrannized Oromo Nation, which is incomparably the larger in the Horn of Africa. However, all sorts of changes happen in this world, and we, Oromos, will one day ignore their calls; I can even tell you that this day is not far.

10. How would you describe the current socio-political trends in the colonial state of Abyssinia?

It is a dictatorial regime, and has implemented a hidden form of apartheid of which the international community is fully unaware. In some cases, the horrible abuse of Human Rights which occurs in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) in the beginning of the 3rd millennium goes beyond the wildest imagination of people worldwide. Certain forms of social oppression, several acts of torture, and a wide range inhuman attitudes encountered in the racist Tigray-controlled state of Abyssinia cannot even be narrated; words do not exist to describe similar situations.

The core and the nature of these persons´ minds are absolutely evil. No human being can possibly accept the paranoia of the abhorrent acts perpetrated by the racist Ethiopianist rulers in the same of a country that cannot exist – except by use of these abhorrent acts.

So devilish, paranoid and bestial they are that they fail to realize that when the existence of genocidal state "Ethiopia" is already totally rejected by the outright majority of the therein enslaved populations, namely the different subjugated nations and ethno-religious groups, they have no chance to make it acceptable by these populations through use of this monstrous oppression. By ignoring the nature of the human beings, the Ethiopianist elites of the God-damned state clearly and plainly demonstrate that they are not humans.

There has never been a spot of land whereby human life was as cheap as it has been in the inhuman, colonial state of Abyssinia which has been falsely renamed as "Ethiopia". The ruling Tigray Mafia feel no restraint in torturing pregnant women, and killing anyone anytime anywhere without facing the slightest consequence; the latest technology in fire arms is used, thanks to the US military aid and the support provided under the masquerade named "antiterrorist agreement" and the related AFRICOM scheme. This situation is due to the neo-colonialism and the neo-apartheid that we currently experience, and it all can change with our own commitment, struggle and decisiveness.

11. Would you describe the colonial state of Abyssinia as racist, and why?

Absolutely! They are indeed racist. For more than a century, an extraordinarily high number of Oromos have lost their lives, families have been dissolved, properties have been confiscated, millions have been imprisoned and tortured only because they happened to be born Oromo. When in Abyssinia you are not born Amhara or Tigray Monophysitic (Tewahedo) or you don´t accept that you belong to the fake, prefabricated and otherwise inexistent "Ethiopian" nation, the Gates of the Hell open for you. This is in fact one of the greatest human tragedies that have ever taken place in the History of Africa.

On the other way, can you imagine of a country whereby 6% of the total population (the Tigray tribe) occupy 90% of the key political, economic, diplomatic, military and academic positions?

Who on Earth can accept that these criminals should be allowed to function as state-controlling gang just out of fear for the security of the region?
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In today´s Abyssinia, there are hundreds of Oromos unlawfully sentenced to death, and dozens of thousands of Oromos who have been extrajudicially killed by the racist TPLF regime.

In today´s Abyssinia, there are more than 40000 extrajudicially arrested and imprisoned Oromos, and more than 100000 Oromos who were forced to leave the fatherland and escape to Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti, and Yemen whereby they had to struggle to make ends meet without the slightest support form international community.

Every month, Oromos are deported back to Abyssinia where they face death penalty; this is an abhorrent practice that has been condemned by all democratic countries of the world, but still no interest is shown – either by international bodies or democratic governments – for the case of Oromos extradited to Abyssinia by either appalling tyrannies or illegal pseudo-sates, like Somaliland and Puntland. I have sent more than 10 appeal letter to UNHCR head office in Geneva, but the Oromo refugees in those countries are still not safe and their lives are at risk.

As you can easily realize, the Ethiopianist TPLF regime not only is a colonial system based on a racist dogma that helps proliferate apartheid throughout East Africa, but it also represents to focus of Evil in Africa. I therefore find it unacceptable that Western countries and international organizations like the UN, UNHCR, ICC, ICJ are oblivious of the Oromo genocide, the ongoing persecution and atrocities carried out by the Tigray racists that exceed by far the governmental practices of the already punished Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The fact that the international bodies and the hypocritical Western governments demonstrated such unbalanced predisposition, impeaching Saddam Hussein instead of the incommensurably more atrocious Tigray dictator Meles Zenawi, is a shame for the entire mankind. However, similar acts and attitudes only consolidate the Oromos´ conviction to struggle and use all possible means in order to achieve secession, independence and freedom.

12. What socioeconomic progress was made over the past 20 years in Abyssinia?

When the Tigray political movement TPLF came to power, there were few people exposed to famine and lack of food but today ca. 10 million people throughout the country, which means 1 out of 8 inhabitants of the country, are threatened by famine. Women and children are dying out famine, while the Zenawi and his gang spend colossal amounts of money to build Africa´s largest army.

I have however to admit that the TPLF gang deployed an enormous effort to et up a tribal business empire, by stealing the wealth of so many subjugated nations and building Tigray-controlled conglomerates often in cooperation with the notorious M. Ala Mudin (Mohammed Al Amoudi), who starting from an absolutely insignificant base accumulated great riches and became the 43rd richest person in the world. This felon who linked his fate with the Tigray gang embezzled the gold mines and the other natural resources of Occupied Oromia.

One can hardly call this a progress.

The then leader of the TPLF tribal movement became the country´s prime minister, and since 1991, Meles Zenawi and his tribal government have received ca. US $26 billion in development aid from Western donors, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank, the European Union, and Britain´s Department for International Development.

Out of this money, the unscrupulous tyrant pocketed ca. US $ 2 billion, and originating from an execrable and miserable background he became the 10 th richest world leader. If the IMF, which is the epitome of global corruption, announced that Males Zenawi is a great leader and that under his government the country achieved a 10% annual growth, I wouldn´t be surprised. However, these figures would truly be fake, unrepresentative and nonsensical.

13. How do you evaluate in general the political life in Occupied Oromia?

Oromia is a n immense prison; the Oromo nation in its entirety has been held captive of the tyrannical TPLF prison-administration, being deprived of their natural and legal rights, lands and properties. Such is the oppression, the persecution, and the inhumanity that for the Oromo political prisoners, a life imprisonment sentence or a death penalty are rather viewed as a present. Outside the jails is at times worse than inside; this is political life in Occupied Oromia.

There is no legal platform for the Oromo opposition to organize their activities, and even communication with people is difficult and deliberately perturbed. The Tigray-led racist, Ethiopianist administration is convinced that the best they have to do is to force the Oromo nationalists to exile in the neighbouring countries. This is not however the end of their concern but a transportation of the problems to other territories. Outside the country, the vindictive Tigray secret services and paramilitary never stop pursuing Oromo nationalists in Kenya, Somaliland, Puntland, Djibouti, and even Yemen.

As I already said, there are more than 100000 Oromo refugees in the Horn of Africa; thousands of them have already been deported to Abyssinia whereby they have been exposed to torture and many of them condemned to death, like Jamil Sherif Yasin, Masfin Abebe, and Tesfahun Chameda. Others have been detained incommunicado or condemned to life imprisonment and taken to one of the country´s numerous, unknown secret prison.

Quite indicatively, since the 2005 elections, 15 Oromo Members of Parliament have been exiled. Most of them are today in unknown locations. Despite this unprecedented situation, there has been as of today no reaction from the supposedly democratic countries that sponsor the inhuman dictator Zenawi. Even the International Parliamentarians Unit and the European Parliament have not shown the slightest concern. The international community failed to abide by the international laws, the democratic and the humanitarian principles that they declared, and the concepts of Human Rights for which so hypocritically they have been demanding respect, and thus they remained silent about the severe political persecution of the Oromo Nation.

In striking contradiction with any concept of equity and justice, the American and European administrations, who do not give a damn of the exiled Oromo parliamentarians, are so much worrying about the Eritrean refugees up to the point of fully supporting them in every sense.

This make me conclude that every Oromo political organization must learn from this evident and biased choice of the North American and West European countries – sponsors of the Abyssinian tyranny. Their silence about the Oromos is a clear indication of who can be our friend and ally, and who is our enemy; we have to make our choice, as Oromos, on the basis of the aforementioned evidence.

I therefore recommend to the US and EU delegations, while participating in several conferences, to immediately terminate this attitude toward the Oromo Nation because we may be a tolerant people but we are fully aware of the injustices done to us by generations of colonial leaders originating from Western European and North American countries.