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Anti-Oromo ESAT TV,  speaks through Assef Chabo to discernment the Oromo nation

Assefa Chabo: a hired gun to attack the Oromo People or an opportunist old politician marketing his ‘book’ for retirement fund to the narrow nationalists? :

BY: Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

The remnants of nostalgic neftegna nationalists in the Diaspora, some call them closet racists, are known to always chew their cud by un-swallowing and re-chewing their political dirt as a lifestyle. Recently, they rediscovered an old man who fled Ethiopia twenty something years ago to castigate the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people for national dignity and self-rule, and other political and cultural values the Oromo people stands for.

The whole exercise of using this non-Amhara old man by the name Assefa Chabo by this group is an attempt to shift the atrocities they and their ancestors committed against the Ethiopian peoples including the Oromo people. It is fascinating attempt to shift the atrocities they and their ancestors committed on the Oromo to the Oromo while the Oromo people still remain the primary victims of these atrocities and living the nightmare thereof.

A closer look at how the interviews with this guy on various media outlets operated by this group were structured and the questions framed clearly indicates that this group is also using this old man in its attempt to delegitimize the ongoing struggle of the Oromo people for national dignity and self-rule as well as to bring culture of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence among various nations and nationalists in a multi-national and multi-lingual federated Ethiopia.

As part of the long held mission of this group, the interviews they had with this old man are also intended to continue sowing seed of hatred between the Oromo and the Amhara people, the two largest ethno-national groups who jointly constitutes more than three fourth of the Ethiopian population, while at the same time blemishing the Oromo people’s values and culture in the eyes of other ethnic minorities in Ethiopia. These types of attacks are attacks on every Oromo, living or dead, which should be held at bay.

In one laughable installment, this old man compares one of this nationalists “hero” to Otto von Bismarck, a German guy who unified various clans of Germany under one country to an Amhara warlord who invaded other peoples and their land including that of the Oromo while the true comparison should have been to Adolf Hitler who attempted to do the same in Europe and ignited World War II. Adolf Hitler’s attempt to invade various European nations to install German hegemony over them ended at the cost of tens of millions of lives while the fire ignited over hundred years ago in Ethiopia by the “hero” of this narrow nationalists still consumes lives.

It is also important to remind this narrow nationalists that the governance practices and the cultural values of the Oromo people throughout their history is based on the fear of God; equality of all human beings; justice for all; and freedom of assembly, association and expression for all of its citizens without fear and discrimination.

These values are the hallmark of the celebrated Gadaa System, the democratic and equalitarian system of governance invented and practiced by the Oromo people for centuries. These values still remain the guiding post of every aspect of the Oromo people’s life and its political discourse. Any attempt to mischaracterize the Oromo people’s values, culture and governance practices otherwise only remain part of the usual hate campaign of this outlawed group against the Oromo people. Everyone in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia who advocates for mutual respect and peaceful co-existence of various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia must contend against these hate mongers and their practices.

These diehard narrow nationalists who often love to call themselves “Ethiopian nationalists” hallucinate to bring back their oppressive past or perpetuate aspect of its oppressive past that the current Ethiopian government maintained in place in the form of one national language. The Amhara youth and others who dream to build a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia must take stand against this group, and distance themselves from the poisonous this group spew.

The future of Ethiopia rests only on the mutual respect and peaceful co-existence of its various nations and nationalities by building a federal constitutional system of governance where equality, justice, and freedom reigns. There is no other viable alternative to this other than disintegration.

As for Ato Assefa Chabo, who comes from one of the oppressed minority ethnic group in Ethiopia, I would say you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. You have crossed the proverbial redline by insulting and blemishing the Oromo people whether you acted either as a hired gun of the enemy or behaved as a desperate and opportunist old politician who attempt to market his so called “Memoir” for retirement fund to the diehard narrow nationalist who don’t have any say on the political future of the Oromo people; and who will remain on the margin of the Ethiopian peoples’ political future.



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