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Meet a world renowned Oromo Hero:

"An Oromo man who led the capture of Rome and Berin in 2nd world war
Today in history, Abdisa Aga was taken as a prisoner of war from his country in 1936 to the island of Sicily, Italy and allegedly penetrated the prison camp and fled to the woods with ammunition and trucks full of supplies in the heart of Italy. The Italian govt did all it could to catch him. Abdisa helped free prisoner and they battled the Italians fiercely. During the 2nd world war the Allied force, Britain, USA, France and Russia recognized Abdisa Aga and the rest of the partisan and supplied them with arms and provisions. Major General Abdisa was chosen to lead the i international partisan army which consisted of Americans, French, English, Ethiopians and other nationals. This way the partisan weekend the Italian army and contributed their defeat. Major Abdisa Aga was the first hero who entered and captured Rome, sitting in a jeep, waving first and foremost the flag of his country. The British made Abdisa the commander of the British police force and sent him to Germany to fight the Nazi. After many battles and capturing cities from the Nazi's, he entered Berlin, again Waving his country flag. Abdisa Aga passed away after 1974 Ethiopian Revolution in his country."

Abdissa Aga, the famous Second World War Ethiopian hero, was captured by fascist Italy during occupation and taken to a notorious prison in Sicily, but later escaped and became the leader of international dissidents, former prisoners like him. He and his colleagues fought against the fascist forces in both Italy and Germany, collaborating with the Allied forces. He surprised the British and the Americans, who gave him the rank of major. His group finally liberated Rome from the hands of the fascists and he drove around the city waving the Ethiopian flag. This same brave man, who deeply loved the flag, his country and his people, was later to be oppressed and stripped of his title upon his return by the then aristocrats, who considered his international stature a threat to their position and who perhaps thought of him as a second-class citizen because of his ethnic background: he was an Oromo from Wellega, Oromia,Western Ethiopia.[1

Both the text and photo are taken from Badhasa Rafera's facebook page.




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